Saturday, 3 December 2016

Kitchen Tales - The Fermentation Shelf

I have sourdough starter, Kefir water crystals, Kefir milk crystals and Kombucha to get on the go as well as a new recipe for ginger beer which uses golden sultanas as a base for the starter.  It is a recipe in a Darina Allen cookery book that I have and is very different to the ones that I have come across before.  Each has their own container to go into and to brew in.

I have been buying Milk Kefir for sometime now from the Polish shop around the corner and I like it.  The water Kefir and the Kombucha are new to me and so it will be a case of trying and seeing whether or not I like them.  OH surprisingly said the other day that he wanted to have a go at making Sourdough bread and I did not say anything because by that time I had my starter.  I think it is a wholemeal starter  So we will have to see what happens.  In any event I intend to start a white one off as well.

Why have I gone for these products  - basically because they are naturally probiotic and people with long term medical conditions have been helped so much by them taking these natural products wherein normal medication or other options had failed to help them.  I think its a case of if it works for you then use it and help yourself.  I think they will be good not only for me but OH as well.

I also have yogurt to make so I will well and truly have a fermentation shelf on the go by the time I have finished. 

I also have bought in some natural yogurt in large tubs as I intend to put some yogurt ice cream with fruit puree down into the freezer.  However the shed has to be done first - OH is hoping to get that done this weekend in the daylight so that he can see what he is doing.  Then I should be able to get the freezers emptied into their new homes, cleaned down and re-organised and sorted and then hopefully I should be able to get the yogurt ice creams made and into the freezer.  We use a lot of natural yogurt as it is good for people on long term medication - have it with breakfast or an Actimel so it puts a lining on your stomach so you absorb your medication properly without it damaging your stomach lining. 

I got all of my starters off ebay for £10 the lot and it is the proper crystals and comes with very specific instructions.

I also have Apple Pop and Ginger beer to start so quite a few to keep me busy.

Catch you soon.




  1. I have very recently become addicted to Sauerkraut! Don't understand about the Kefir crystals etc but, no doubt if I read some of your previous posts, I will.
    I do hope your shed is sorted this weekend! xxx

  2. You're busy, as always. I know fermented things are good for you, but the only time I had anything like fermented milk was an Actimel and well - I will spare you the lurid details but let's just say my body took a violent dislike to it and sent it packing pdq!

    I hope you can finish getting the shed put up this weekend and then you can start getting sorted with moving the freezer(s) inside it.


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