Thursday, 19 January 2017

Butterfly/Moth Cushion

This is the next piece of work on the agenda.  It is destined for my rocking chair and I am not sure whether it is a blue moth or a butterfly.  It is a larger gauge canvas than I am used to and worked in cross stitch rather than just in tent stitch but it should go with the poppy/meadow theme that I have in mind for my dining room. It seems to be working up reasonably quickly with what little bit I have already done.

The first picture is a snap of what the kit should work up into.

And the second photo shows the canvas with the tiny amount I have already managed to do.  

I love the colours in the kit and may well at some future point make a throw to go with it.  It is for my pine Fiddleback Rocking Chair which came from the Lake District.  We were on holiday there when we found it in a shop there.  We therefore ordered it and went back up for a holiday to go and fetch it.  Barmy or what.  I had always wanted my own rocking chair as my uncle had an oak one that I used to be sat in as a little un.  There are a lot of memories attached to a lot of the bits and bobs I have.  The most poignant are the items that have been passed down but they also keep that loved ones memory clear in my heart and mind.  I intend to leave a resume of the stories associated with said items to my heirs in due course together with photos and a list of what is to go to whom do that there is no fighting.

However that is by the by I seem to have got sidetracked as usual. I will show you the cushion panel again once it has been worked in its entirity which may be some little way off but I shall keep at it in the background.  I am still working on the hot water bottle covers and there will be another post to come on that in due course but thought you might like to see what I plan to get up to next. I am trying to organise myself a little bit.  Catch you soon.  Pattypan xx


  1. That is SO pretty Tricia, and will look gorgeous when you've finished it. I love the sound of your rocking chair and would have done the same sort of thing - had an extra little holiday just to go and get it!

  2. Good evening Patricia, your butterfly panel is a lovely design and it will look beautiful on your rocking chair when you have finished it.
    I love that you are making notes about your treasures. If you don't mind I am going to use your idea to make notes about my own treasures, because I think it is a marvellous idea.
    Enjoy your cross stitch.
    Best Wishes

    1. Good evening Daphne and thank you for your lovely comments about my next project. I am more than happy for you to use my idea about treasures for your own family. I am going to take photos too as well as a resume or family story about specific items. I was fortunate to grow up in a close and living family with grandparents on my dads side only but we grew up with these much loved damily members and anecdotal stories were passed on about family members by word of mouth. My two nephews only grew up with my mum and dad and did not know many of the people referred to. However I am also sorting out the family history so as to leave as a record behind and the family stories which I think give a link and continuity. Some of the treasures they may well not want but that will be for them to decide. I hope they will and if I can bring it alive for them and stop any fighting then I will. If you have a photo of the item you have positive proof that they existed and you can leave a specific gift schedule with any Will. Photo ID helps identify things and stops matters dragging on. It can also be a boon if for any reason you need to do an insurance claim. So I am more than happy for you to use the idea for yourself and your family. Thanks for popping by and I will pop up a photo of the cushion once it is completed. Take care. Tricia aka Pattypan xx

  3. Hi BB It is not an antique rocker but one that was made brand new for me. Its a kit that I like and have had it hanging around for a while now. Its easy to pick up and put down and is very forgiving. Trouble with me is that I have lots of ideas and then I forget what I am going to do. It must be my age. I like doing needlepoint anyway but this is the first cross stitch needlepoint I have done. I have lots of long stitch pictures of the Lake District that were bought around the same time as the rocking chair. About half are done but I still have a few more to go and then to get them framed. I also thought that if I put the next project on the blog it would keep me to a timeline for doing it and get things out the way quickly as I am so easily distracted and get enthused with another project which I am desperately trying not to do. Am trying to be more disciplined. Some hope there But I am trying. Take care Pattypan xx

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