Sunday, 29 January 2017

Drinks Session/Brewing Session

I am being drawn back into the kitchen but am having to take my time what with the recovery of my foot.  However I am planning to having a little drinks session in the kitchen.  By that I mean making wine.  I have in mind to make some sweet house orange wine which is a beginners wine to start with. I also use the same basic recipe for lemon grapefruit wines as well.  I also have four wine kits two of elderflower one Black Cherry and a Strawberry.  Hopefully that will take place this coming Saturday.  The wine cellar has been bare here for a while and I aim to put that right for this year. So I thought I would have a session concentrating on this to get them underway.  It will also be nice to have a glass of country wine again in due course with my Sunday dinner.  Not that I drink a lot as I do not but its nice to have an occasional glass of something to drink with the Sunday lunch.

So that's

Orange wine from scratch

Black Cherry a kit

Strawberry a kit

Elderflower x two kits

To make to start with

That should keep me occupied for a little while at least. Now to start sorting those Demijohns out and getting them sterilised.  Will have to find a spot in the house for them to start the fermentation first.

Catch you later.



  1. I haven't made wine for ages, this is the year!

    1. Hi Jillie it goes in fits and starts here too. I have lots of equipment some inerited from my Nan and my mum. We used to be given a glass of home made wine when we used to go for lunch and my Nan was an expert in making wine but was always very good at blending it too. The wine always used to accentuate the food. I wish I had more space for the demijohns I am somewhat restricted in what I can do although no I have the shed there is a little more scope. Take care. Pattypan xx


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