Saturday, 21 January 2017

Simple eating

Tonight I fancied something with a bit of cheese on a little pineapple and chorizo served with a side salad and a baked potato served with butter and coleslaw. I am of course talking about home made pizza. I did the pizza myself and it was just what the Doctor ordered.  OH had the same but did not fancy the salad leaves but had the rest and it went down very nicely. It made a nice change to have something later.

I was completely stuffed but a couple of hours later I got the munchies and as we had not had fruit or a pudding I made a nice thick pancake with half a tin of Mandarin oranges and dome whipped cream.  Naughty in one sense but very delicious all the same.  I dont use sugar in the pancakes at all so not as naughty as ut could have been. Sometimes you just have to have a little something extra snd pancakes are always quick to make whether for an impromptu pudding for breakfast or savoury pancakes for a main meal. Needless to say it has gone down very well and filled a comfort need for me.  I dont feel guilty just very satisfied.  Carch you later.  Pattypan x


  1. I was thinking of making pizza tonight - that way I will have some left for tomorrow, after we've had a long day - then I shan't need to cook. The manderin oranges with pancakes sound lovely.

  2. Hi BB the pizza went down well here. I can choose my toppings as well as I always keep tomatoe sauces in salami chorizo etc and also anchovies and tinned pineapple not forgetting pepper and onion leek and cheddar cheese.

    I have aksi been known to use goats cheese spinach and roasted onions and garlic. It wS straightforward last night though abd with the salad and baked potato went down well. I cooked two large ones but we only had one between us and I think Oh has polished the other one as well. The pancake was lovely and light as well. I make a thick batter from flour eggs and milk until the consistency is like double cream. I use a hand balloon whisk to whip together and it gives a thicker more substantial pancake. Black cherries and vanilla ice cream is another good combination as well. Slightly naughty but ever so nice. Everything in moderation. Sounds as though it will be a good combination for you tomorrow and be quick to do. Take care and hope you have a good xay tomorrow. Pattypan xx


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