Friday, 27 January 2017

Trying to get organised

I went onto the Dunhelm web site just as dangerous as going into the shop.  I have invested in some storage bits and bobs in an effort to organise my desk area a little better and also my crafting dies for my Big Shot and also my Go Accuquilt patchwork cutting system which I have recently invested in.  Expensive but my treat to me in a big effort to get to grips with the cutting of my fabric and getting quilts made. I have an irrational fear of the rotary cutter and the system sold itself to me on time saving issues.  When you have little time in the first place you try and make the most of what time you do have.

Anyway back to the storage items I have a acquired in an attempt to sort myself out so that I can locate things simply and easily

First up is a paper and drawer organiser.  I have two of these.

Second is a set of two drawers handy for printing paper labels photo paper and specialist other sundries.

Third four large boxes for all my folders and dies for my big shot.  There are also a couple for the Go Accuquilt machine snd dies for my patchwork. One of the boxes is intended for stripped down fabric from old clothing.

There are als four smaller boxes still yo come.

And finally but not least there are 10  magazine holders for my crafting and cooking stuff.
The range is called the healing garden.  It reminds me very much of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady range and indeed goes very well with that.  It sits alongside it very nicely.  All these items are for the computer/craft room.  We have a pale green paint on the wall so it should fit nicely. The most expensive item in the rangr is the big box and desk tidy. They are on offer at the moment.  I am still waiting for part of the delivery to come. When it arrives I can set about sorting out the craft room and getting it organised so that I can start playing in the sewing side.  There is still some more equipment I have my eye on on the sewing side a new machine or machines but I will start with the patchwork and take it from there.  I have also ordered a couple of new kits to go with existing items so a lot more handwork to come.

Right had better get a wriggle on as best I can at the moment.  Still lots of planning and plotting to do whilst I rest my foot.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. I've seen the Accuquilt system and thought it looked very good - hope you enjoy it and your new storage looks very pretty - Finally I hope your foot is healing well and that you're starting to feel a little better now Patty xx

    1. Hi Trudie I thought if I did not do something about the patchwork now I would never deal with it and it is something I have been wanting to get to grips with for ages just not with a rotary cutter. I recognise my own limitations. Its expensive but I have a lot of fabric already and want to go to Kisco the Fabric Warehouse in Leicester i believe they have just moved premises whre proper patchwork fabric is a lot cheaper. I was guested there a few years ago by Anne of Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes blog. However thought would start simply with recycled mens shirts to make a quilt or two as a tester and then would invest in the bought fabric. I only ordered it the other day so should arrive next week. I have also bought some kits a couple of embroidered pillow slips a couple of what are referred to as pillowcase dolls and another candlewick and embroidered cushion. I like embroidery. I have been looking for proper storage for ages but had not found anything but I really liked this and it goes with what I already have. I am getting there very slowly with my foot. It is healing well now next stage is to get back into proper shoes. Sadly not quite there yet. My foot has gone down in size to what it was but is still slightly swollen. I have to be able to walk in my proper shoes and without the crutch the unsexy shoe I have been having to wear is a lot higher and so I need the crutch as it has put me lop sided. At the moment also if I walk to far where the stitches are is rubbing a bit. I have to walk to work so I am trying to do a bit each day so that I can manage when I return to work. I am getting there slowly however still having periods of deep tiredness where I just crash out. Whats the saying slowly slowly catch a monkey. So am taking it steady. Thank you for your good wishes I hope you and your nearest and dearest are keeping well too. Take care Trudie xx


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