Saturday, 7 January 2017

Whilst I am at home

I am going to try and do a few sewing projects especially some of the UFOs. However in the run up to Christmas just gone I picked up a couple of reduced kits from John Lewis. Both are Christmas orientated and I thought I would start early for Christmas 2017. If any of you would like the instructions please pm me with your email address and I will forward to you a copy. I traced the pattern then scanned it. This particular kit is for a Poinsettia decorated felt stocking.  You can then start making your own versions for friends and family members utilising felt and fabric that you already have. I already have ideas for varying the same.

Anyway I have been going stir crazy and have spent a good part of my time sleeping but I wanted something relatively straight forward and simple to do whilst also creating something personal for my own Christmas decoration stash.

Well have started it and quite quick and simple to make up.  The pattern says to sew stocking up and then turn it through so i have pieced it together with a running stitch and also attached the stocking holder by this method as well.

I still have done a running stitch in a red cotton all the way round the outside of the stocking but you could also blanket stitch it.  I have to sew the Poinsettias on and then work a panel of beadwork below the Poinsettias and then the stocking will be finished.  The kit was reduced to £6 from £10 but i intend to make a few more yet throughout the year.

I also came up with an alternative placement for the Poinsettias.

The beading is more or less done.  There is a placement chart on the instruction sheet which I have transferred to the stocking via greaseproof paper or freezer paper and then sewed the beads onto the stocking through the paper.  I have then carefully torn the paper away leaving a neat panel of beadwork.

All I have to do now is sew on the Poinsettias.  I am chuffed with the result and it has only taken a couple of hiurs work.  Best of all though thats the first project completed for Christmas 2017.  Apart from two beads which have gone walkabout.

This is the beading and Poinsettias in place and once i have the two beads i will show the stocking completely finished.

This year more than ever i want to make Christmas as home made as i can on all fronts. Crafts, presents where I can, food for Christmas, preserves of all descriptions including Charcuterie, winemaking, liqueurs, ciders and beers etc etc.

I also bought from the Charity shop some Christmas tree baubles and I intend to decorate them with beads to really make some lovely tree decorations.

I had intended this year to do my own greenery garlands and wreaths but with the operation and me being hampered with what I could or could not do that just did not happen.  It was more than I had anticipated not being able to do.  With hindsight it was too close to Christmas for the operation but i just wanted it out of the way and done with so that i could get on with things in the New Year.

Once the missing beads are sewn on i will start the mistletoe wreath kit that i also bought from John Lewis reduced to £6 again.  More on that later but all the projects i am making are all home made which is the important bit for me in the greater scheme of things.  I am certainly going to be making more Christmas stockings for my family's use but also to give as a pressie or two.

By the way I am still having problems with the internet. Cannot gain access on main computer and preparing posts on the phone which this post is very tedious time consuming and far too slow.  Hopefully normal posts will resume soon i am finding it very frustrating but at least on this occasion it will let me post.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. Hope that the surgeon says that all is well when you see him this month. I'm glad that you are at least able to sit an do a bit of crafting while you are resting.

    1. Hi Jo am getting there having to rest far more than i had anticipated and going slightly stir crazy in the process. Hosoital seem to be pleased wuth progress thus far. Have another couple of kits to do a mistletoe wreath and a snowflake decoration so am trying to keep focused. Take care and thank you for your kind thoughts. Pattypan x

  2. What a pretty piece that is, especially with the beading.

    I hope you are on the mend soon and able to get out and about a bit.

    1. Hi BB i an slowly getting there. Having to rest a lot but thats an important part of the process
      I am getting ariund on crutches and according to the nurse i have to listen to my foot. If it is hurting and throbbing needs to be rested and elevated. Glad you like the stocking it is not as complicated as it looks to work but i think very effective. I am pleased with how it has worked up. BB can i ojck yiu brains please. Before Christmas i picked up what appears to be a handpainted picture of a deer. It appears to be painted on a silk type fabric although not sure. It has an overmount which seems to have watermark damage is there any way of removing the watermark or is it somehing will have to live with. It is a lovely picture and i only paid £2 for it. If you have any suggestions pls let me know. Hope you and yours are okay. Pattypan xx

  3. Hi Patty
    It's lovely to hear that you are ok and resting up and on the road to recovery - well done with your crafting - that bead work is lovely on that stocking and well done on starting early for Xmas 2017 too - Enjoy your rest - it will do you good and hope you get the Internet sorted soon xxx

    1. Hi Trudie thank yiu fir your good wishes i am slowly getting there. Glad you like the stocking i was pleased with how it has worked up. Me and rest dont go hand in hand but as i am off my meds for another couple of weeks at least i am having to listen to my body which just wants to sleep at the moment. At least whilst i sleep i am healing. Nos you take care please too pattypan xx

    2. Hi Trudie thank yiu fir your good wishes i am slowly getting there. Glad you like the stocking i was pleased with how it has worked up. Me and rest dont go hand in hand but as i am off my meds for another couple of weeks at least i am having to listen to my body which just wants to sleep at the moment. At least whilst i sleep i am healing. Nos you take care please too pattypan xx

  4. So pleased to see another post, you are doing brilliantly. What a pretty stocking. I love that you're wanting to make everything as home made as possible for 2017! Fabulous - I shall be right a long there with you. Don't wear yourself out and I look forward to your next post as always x

    1. Hi Tracy glad yiu like the stocking. I have not made any resolutions for this year apart from get thriugh as best i can. However i am determined to do things through the year to achieve as home made Christmas ss i can for Christmas 2017 on all fronts. This year was a non event really in that a lot of things were not realised desoite my best efforts but it happened nonetheless. No use crying over spilt milk but it does not mean that i have to repeat the process. I had bought some new decorations which did not get put out so they have been packed away for next Christmas. I had also bought a lot of crafty buts to do myself. Hence me working towards a home made Christmas this year.its the inner child within me wanting to share the magic of Christmas with everyone. Christmas is the main event for me and for my family of the year so hence me trying to do what i can where i can and not run out of time. You take care too. Pattypan x


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