Monday, 20 February 2017

Patchwork Quilts and WIPs

I have recently invested in a new patchwork effect cotton quilt for my bedroom as the other one was getting a little tired but will be reused elsewhere as there is still a lot of use in it and I like to keep warm. It was not terribly expensive but I am pleased with it.  It looks pretty and fresh and should go well with my cream metal bedstead. I tend to have a country cottage theme as the base for my homestyle as it is very forgiving when you blend old and new.

In the meantime back at the Ok corral I have been busy sourcing cotton fabric by the fat quarter by the metre jelly rolls etc .  I have also stick piled and started to prepare the fabric so that I can start making my own quilts from shirt material already stashed and brand new fabrics as well.  I have also invested in a brand new pair of Fiskers shears for general dressmsking  use as I now have my Accuquilt to play with on the patchwork front.

As well as machine made quilts I also want to have a hand sewn hexie patchwork on the go and a little while ago I ordered some pretacked hexies in creams and pinks and greens the colours of my bedroom. This will be a long term project but the lady i obtained them from off ebay had used Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston fabrics and mstched them well.  She has also saved me a little time.  However her personalised service and beautiful presentation is delightful.  Each pack of hexies is displayed on a printed display card personalised stickers with a lovely little note attached.

I think these are rather lovely.  Her name is Alison and she tradeson ebay as farmhousetraditions (4531).  I am looking forward to placing further orders with her.  Its helping me no end as it means I can start hand sewing straight away and is saving me time in the cutting and tacking.  She is also very approachable.  I have found her service to be utterly delightful.

However before I start playing I need Oh to build some shelves in the computer room so that I can organise a lot if not all of my craft stuff so that I can locate things a lot more easily than I can at present. This relates not only to fabric and kits but also to threads for sewing embroidery silks needepoint wools loads of cross stitch and embroidery kits that I have collected over the years etc etc plus new kits.

So there is a lot in the offing to do.  I am particularly excited about the hexie quilt though.  I am really taken with that.  Will have to maximise my time now and probably do a little each day.  Might even take some into work to do at lunch time.

Catch you all soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. Hexies are a very portable project, I carry some in my bag to sew most of the time. I look forward to seeing your progress. I'm working on mine at the moment too!

    1. Hi Jillie I think I may take some with me to do at lunchtime. Might be a bit more productive then. Hope you are well. Take care. Pattypan xx

    2. Hi Jillie I think I may take some with me to do at lunchtime. Might be a bit more productive then. Hope you are well. Take care. Pattypan xx


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