Monday, 27 March 2017

Getting Ready For Easter

I love pretty things and I always like my table to look good no matter whant the season celebration or occasion. I like the simple things the best and to me at Easter one of the memories I have from childhood is having boiled eggs with bread and butter fingers as part of high tea Easter celebrations.  The egg a symbol of new life and new growth and the chocolate eggs we have are also symbolic of that.
Hot cross buns with lots of butter simple fare

In the run up to Easter I have been sourcing new items for my table.  I csme across these egg cups which are Ducks n Drakes which I took a shine too from Dunhelm.  Aĺl I need now are some wreaths flower rings and a pretty cloth perhaps a pale lemon or a pale appe green check to set everything off and that should do us for this Easters high tea table.

I also bought a pack of three tea towels with a herb, plain green and a stripe design in.  Not to use as teatowels but to make a large tablecloth cover for my pine dining table.  I intend to unpick them all and then re-sew them back together like a patchwork quilt.  I also bought a tea cosy to match.

 And of course some baskets here I have a large basket ideal for shopping and a tiny one ideal to put chocolate eggs into or for gathering herbs out of the garden.

I have already got some miniature eggs for decorating a cake or cakes in the pantry.  Thought had better get some in early as in previous years I have ended up missing out.  Not this year though. How do you celebrate Easter simply or something a little more formal.  Or are you in the process of making something unique to decorate your home with. Catch uou soon.  Pattypan xx


  1. Easter often tends to be overlooked here as we are often trading on or around the days of Easter. I love your ideas for your pretty Easter table - you will have to put up a picture of your finished table cloth - that sounds a great idea.

  2. I like the duck and drake egg cups! I love decorating the house for any occasion. I must get my things sorted for Easter but STILL haven't got my Spring banner up so that needs doing, too. Thanks for a lovely reminder.


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