Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wine Chiller/Meat/Cheese Cave

Sorry to be missing absolutely up to ny neck with things with alligators and crocodiles snapping at my ankles and me fast running out of time.

I received a phone call yesterday saying that they were going to deliver today. They use an external delivery service/carriers and it is kerbside delivery only.  I therefore asked if the driver could phone me when he was 40 minutes out of Peterborough so I could get home. I bought the chillers off ebay from a company called Birmingham Refrigeration.  I first spotted them before Christmas but by the time i had got my act together they had sold out.  But I kept looking.

I then spotted them again and placed my order they did however want a lot for delivery. I ordered two but I got the delivery charge reduced because I had both units popped onto one pallet.  If you do place an order with them bear this in mind.

The phone call came abd I organised a taxi to get home.  The driver had just turned up as I arrived.  I then did my pansy potter bit and manhandled the units into the back yard abd webt back to work   i then texted Oh to ket him know they had arrived.

The units are refurbished and may have small marks on them but I have to say that from what I can see they on first checking appear immaculate.  I am well pleased with them.  I think I have saved approximately £300 maybe more they are 40 bottle units which are dear. I have just switched them on and tomorrow the wine one will be filled once up to temperature.  The maje of the units is RS Royal Sovereign.

 So one for storing wine and the other for home made charcuterie bacon salamis sausages etc.  So let the games begin once I have got shot of my long list of deadlines sorted out.  In the words of Arnie - I Shall be back hopefully at some point.

Pattypan xx


  1. I thought I had commented already, I have now got the plug and play dehumidifier controller and a small dehumidifier so I am all ready to set up the cooler as a meat curing cabinet :-)

  2. Oooh, you must be so excited for it all coming together now!


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