Saturday, 8 April 2017

A little gardening

Is planned for this weekend.  I have been slowly sorting the small herb garden outside of the back door.  I have bought some already done containers with an assortment of plants in them.  However I have chives mint parsley sage and rosemary to plant up to start with.  I also have raspberry tayberry strawberry and blackcurrant plants to pot up.  I got them quiet cheaply in the pound shop B n Q wilkinsons.  Where I intend to pop them is not ready yet but I wasnt going to let them get away at that price so as an intermediary position until the land is sorted lots it is then they will when land is ready be transplanted. I also have pansies and violas to plant up some paoenies and I have quite a few containers to sort out as well. As the weather is meant to be nice over the weekend I also want to get the new covers on the grow houses and to start some seeds off.  I am a little behind but hopefully i will be able to play catch up.  Nonetheless there is plenty to do.  I have also picked up a couple of hibiscus plants the pound shop again. I slso want to start getting the rubbish sorted and taken to the tip. So a lot to do.   There are also some wild blackberrys  that have set themselves so I am also hoping to get a couple of those into pots as well. If its fine it will be good to be in the fresh air for a change.

Catch you later

Pattypan x

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