Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Pound Shop and. Some more fruit bushes

Yesterday while shopping I nipped into one of the pound shops that I do not get to very regularly and stocked up on some items which I use on a day to day basis. Things like shower gels soap etc.

I came across some lovely cupcake cases.

Some Purple spotted ones.

 Some lovely blue floral ones.

Some lovely pal tourqoise green spotted ones.

And some Muffin cups.

A lovely mint green

And rose pink.  Both are spotted.

Its my birthday in a few weeks so thought I would stock up whilst I can.  I have seen some cake carriers as well that I would nit mind. Cake carriers what does she need them for.  We have a tradition at work that when its your birthday you leave cakes in the kitchen for work colleagues so I thiught this year would make them myself and I will need a couple of cake carriers for this purpose.

I also stocked up on some foil and plastic containers for freezing meals vegetables and fruit and soups.  I dont like wasting stuff so if there is a good meal still to be had but we dont fancy it at that particular moment into the freezer it goes.

I also unexpectedly found some more fruit bushes.  This time blueberry redcurrant and gooseberry.  So I am well chuffed.  I was hoping to do an awful lot in the gsrden this weekend but the weather is not too brilliant at the moment. Fingers crossed though.

Catch you soon.

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