Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bits n bobs to play with Part 1

As I have mentioned before I have been gathering together kits, finished needlework panels, needlepoint, fabric embroidered pieces whatever I think will work, in a particular piece.  I have a lot of fabrics of different kinds in any event and it will be good to use up some of the same and create an individual look at the same time for things for my home.  This post is quite photo heavy but shows some of the things I have been drawing together.  Now what I have to do is work some of the kits and then incorporate them into what I have planned for them.

To start with the kits.

Rowandean kits.  I first came across these many moons ago with my friend Margaret who is the lady responsible for getting me doing needlework again.  At the time they were beautiful and she slowly worked up a whole group of them.  I never envisaged being able to have a go at something like this as her needlework was and is very beautiful.  Rowandean have their own site and I have purchased a few kits from them (some still to arrive).

Here is the link to their site.  I had managed to pick up one or two on ebay but I am always cautious about paying over the odds so if I am going to pay full whack then I might as well order it direct from Rowandean themselves.

The above kit is a new kit available on Etsy and Ebay and is designed by Maggie Gee of the Maggie Gee Needlework Studio.  She does a whole range of lovely kits  based on the traditional embroidery via transfer method and the quality of the kits is excellent.  She also does pillow slips sold with the transfer already on them. This is one of the kits I have bought as a beginner kit for me to get my embroidery skills up to snuff.  Its many moons since I seriously embroidered although I have done a lot of cross stitch.  Embroidery was one of my first true loves when it comes to craftwork.  I was fascinated by the stitches.  Anyway I am rambling as usual and going off point which is also not unusual.

Maggie also has a blog which also looks pretty interesting.

This is the kit I mentioned before that was a twin for a panel that I had already bought worked Please see post under Vintage Embroidery there is a photo there; yet again it is going to be one that I work once my embroidery skills are up to snuff which hopefully will not be too long.

The kit below is a candlewick kit.  I also have a couple of others in the stash bought to make bed cushions for my bed.  I think this violet one is delightful.  A find from Ebay which I am very chuffed with  and which I did not pay over the odds for.  It would have cost far more in the shop.

Now for some of the worked pieces:

A small butterfly panel which I intend to form the centrepiece of a cushion front using strip patchwork to frame.  I think it will go well with my blue butterfly cross stitch cushion panel which is still a work in progress.

I love the pieces below Roses and honeysuckle;

Pansies, I love pansies.

Roses, I love Roses. I have another one of these (below which is partially completed) as is the way with me I have the bag with the wool and the instructions in but cannot find the part worked canvas already on the go.  It will be put up somewhere safely the predicament is just in locating it.

Below a new to me trammed needlepoint panel to be worked into a cushion.  I have already a couple of similar ones to this one with Roses or flowers in the middle and then backed up in cream.

This is my dearest kit to date.  It is worked in crewelwork and the flowers stand slightly proud of the base.  It cost me £40.  I think this is spectacular and also by a new to me supplier who I think is extremely talented. The kits are very detailed and very high quality materials so you are really getting your monies worth.

Another pre-worked embroidery panel which I think is charming.  It was sold on the premise that it was from the 1930s off of Ebay.  Whoever worked this was extremely talented.

I intend to use the Rose and Peony fabric from Sanderson to back the pieces designated for cushions.  I am also going to use some of the vintage tablecloths and tray cloths and chair backs to make some cushions with.  I already have the curtains in the stash.  I just love this fabric though.  It is very me.

I just love the colours.

This is one of the first vintage tablecloths I purchased.  The design is very art nouveau but I just love it.  I am going to work this yet again when a little more accomplished.

This is a crewel work picture I picked up sometime ago from my local charity shop.  This piece does need to be reframed but that is no great shakes.  it does need a little bit of a clean but yet again I think the steam cleaner will help greatly here.

I also have several detailed cross stitch pictures.  Yet again someone has spent hours and hours working these pieces.  I am pleased from  my point of view but feel so sorry that they have lost so much in that there are hours and hours of work in these pieces. 

Now to the vintage linens - these are just some of them.

A test square for a crochet blanket.

Long stitch pictures completed and those nearing completion.

More pretty linens.

One of my completed Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady bedroom cushions.

The fox glove one has yet to be worked.

A small needlepoint panel on its way to completion.  Yet again designated for a cushion for the best room/lounge/front room.

To be continued............

Catch you later


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