Monday, 22 May 2017

Chicken chicken and more chicken

We are having chicken for tea if you had not realised from the heading to this post.  Garlic chicken breasts to be precise and I also have a chicken cooking away at the same time.  Ostensibly for pack ups I have some salad and some wraps and chilli sauce and also some prawns for making wraps over the next few days.  When it gets warmer although hungry we don't always want masses to eat although we need something and whilst I have the cooker on it makes sense to cook something else and make the most of the oven being on.  Although strictly speaking as it is warm I should not really be having the cooker on. 

I am hoping to get barbecuing outside in the next couple of weeks or so and then have plenty of salads as well.  I need to lose some weight and that is one way to do it sensibly watching what you eat.  Not that I have a big appetite these days.  It will just be nice to get outside a bit especially after the long winter months and me being confined to barracks during the period of my operation.   I love my work but we are confined in the office when its lovely weather outside.  We have air conditioning and so we don't always appreciate what the temperature is outside until we open the front doors and it hits us in the face on the way out to lunch. Trouble is on these lighter evenings I really do lose track of the time. 

This kind of weather I love baked potatoes with coleslaw and also baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato chips as well, Ratouille made with the seasons new veg, new potatoes plenty of butter even mint butter.  I just love my food.

So off to potter.

Catch you later.

Sparky next door is trying to knock the fence down with his hose pipe - its okay he is 70 plus has a heart condition but gets a bit prolific with a power washer as well as the hose pipes.  He is the reason I do not have bees.  He doesn't do insects and I think bees coming home in a swarm might just finish him off.  He would let the Landlord know as well.  One day though one day.


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