Sunday, 21 May 2017

I know I am slightly Quackers

... but I did not think I was a trainee duck.  For the best part of the week it has chucked it down torrentially.  Yes we need the rain but not all in one go.

However today the sun has been out for the best part - it always cheers things up.  Because of the rain I have been very stiff for the past few days and so I have rested up and got a couple of early nights which is a novelty for me.  But sometimes, just sometimes you have to listen to your body and hibernate.  I had planned on having a session in the garden but that might have to happen next week or during the week so that I can plants in their positions and some more tidying up accomplished in the back garden.

I have several things to achieve in the garden.  The more pressing part is to do with the herb garden as that needs sorting out and plants getting in.  Hopefully will be able to do a few each night weather permitting.  Its very relaxing to garden after a busy day at work.

I need to paint the shed.  I am sort of looking at what is a turquoise green colour called sea grass not a green not a blue to paint the shed in.  I recently purchased myself a little round table and two chairs in this colour so that I can ostensibly start the day in a civilised manner having breakfast outside on sunny mornings.  Well that's the intention in any event.  Thought it would be a good colour foil for some of the plants I have acquired.

The shed is situated straight at the end of the herb garden bed and there are two routes around.  One I intend to fence off with some trellising and then pop my mini greenhouses down the side of the shed but on the way to this there is a sheltered corner just past the shed that will be ideal for the table and chairs.  I intend to pop a couple of climbers like clematis and honeysuckle here.  There is already a rose here but I think that can be moved and go into the back garden.

Behind the shed I want to put a patio down and a new garden set. probably paint it in the same sea grass colour.  I also need to put a new clothes post in and washing line and then under the washing line I want to have a lavender hedge.  There is a path the other side so I can use this to pop tubs etc on.  I have recently acquired two black mulberry trees which I intend to keep in pots in the garden as well.  I want to try and get the first part of the garden sorted and then hopefully attack the jungle which needs an awful lot of work doing.

I would like to be able to sit out in the garden in the summer months though and do my craft work whether that be crochet embroidery patchwork, needlepoint etc to make the most of the light.  I also like to sit out in the early evening going into dusk as well. Something so peaceful and calming.

I also want to get a small veg garden in maybe won't get much in this year but hopefully it will bear more rewards next.  The fruit garden is to go in the jungle so all my fruit is in pots but seems to be doing very well.

So as usual there is loads going on

OH has said that he will buy me a garden swing for the back garden (my birthday present this year).  I am after an all wooden one though.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you later.


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