Saturday, 27 May 2017

Now what is she up to Preserving Part 1 2017

Well preserving of course.  I love seasonal cooking but I am also realistic enough to make the most of what actually comes my way whether I grow it, get it from a supermarket or go to a Farm Shop or grow your own farm.  Some of us don't have access to say grow your own farms and only have access to the supermarket so you have to make the most of what you have access to and the opportunities that come your way.

If you look at the top of my blog there are some pages I have added one for my preserving i.e. the Put Down 2017 where I add in what I have actually made and managed to squirrel away during the course of the year.

Anyway, I have made a very small start on the alcoholic front after weeks and weeks of not having the time to actually set too and do something.  What started it.  I bought some lovely raspberries from the Coop in fact I like them that much that I have been taking a punnet into work with me to nibble on during the day as well as having them for breakfast with croissants and soft cheese (philly). Delish (also lovely with fresh apricots).  The flavour has been that good with them that I determined that I wanted that full flavour to perk me up in the middle of winter. 

So I have started off with 2 litres of Raspberry Vodka.  I use a very simple method of macerating (soaking) the raspberries in a large Kilner jar in a litre of vodka and a little sugar shaking the jar daily until it has dissolved (or you can use a sugar syrup).  I don't want it over sweet so I start of with only a little bit of sugar and if it is too tart I add a little more.   The liqueur is a lovely stunning vibrant pink. My preserving tends to be pretty organic with the alcoholic side of things adding a little of this and a little of that as my taste-buds and my instincts dictate.  This is the method I tend to use for most of my alcoholic beverages often going for flavour rather than quantity.

So that's the Raspberry vodka on the go.  Happy days ahead.  Hic - only jossing. 

I also have 2 litres of Passion fruit Vodka on the go as well.  I bought about 20 Passion fruit a couple of weeks ago and they were nicely ripe all wrinkled and prune looking and so they have had their flesh scooped out into a bowl including the seeds and they are also macerating in the vodka.   This has gone a lovely vibrant sunshine yellow in its soaking jar. I love Passion fruit but they are expensive so I always make the most of any bargains I find.  I even freeze the pulp down into ice cube portions and use in puddings as well.  It is particularly useful in this way and it is lovely in home made ice lollies.

Later on today I intend to start the  two litres of Lemoncello as well.  This will probably happen this evening when it is a little cooler.   I also have plans for a rhubarb, mixed berry, orange and strawberry versions as well.  I have chosen to use vodka but you can use gin or eau de vie if you have access to it.  I have also bought some peaches and once they are ripe I intend to turn them into a peach wine (yet again macerating the fruit in wine).

So on the alcoholic front at least there are plans afoot.

But that is not all folks - never is with me.

I have also raspberry vinegar and Passion fruit vinegar on the go as well.  Do not think that fruit vinegars are just that.  The original purpose was to use as a drink and I remember when I first started preserving not experimenting with some cordials and drinks simply because they had the vinegar in them.  You can also use the vinegar with some spring water to make a refreshing drink.  The vinegar as is the sugar are the preservatives.

Here is a link to a previous post I did on this sometime ago.

I am a little pushed for time at the moment but I will add the rough quantities for the above later on today so that if you want to experiment and play a bit you will have the basic ingredients list to hand.

I must get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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