Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Peace and quiet

I am sat in the garden it is pitch black but I am enjoying the peace and solitude.

I haven't stopped since I got in.  I have potted up 9 tomato plants two black mulberries and I have sorted out some new compost for my fig trees.  I have also given my other olants and hanging baskets a good drenching.  I still have loads more to go but have run out of comoost again.  I finished up about 10.30pm and am now sat enjoying a bottle of cider in the cool of the evening.  I have company Demetri is with me making tbe most of the one to one attention.  It has been lovely being outside in the fresh air after beung cooped up in an office all day.  The feel of the soil and the nurturing of the plants is very cathartic and balm to the soul after a busy day.  I wont be long before I go in but I do enjoy star gazing and just enjoying thr stillness of the night. I love to see the stars.  I love the lighter nights at this time of the year.  Ideally I would be down in Cornwall for the light there is phenomenal both of an early morning and at dusk.  Tonight I have been serenaded by the local blackbirds who were in full throttle which is a privilege.  Sometimes you have to stop and listen to natures own song and simply breathe.

I am just going to finish my cider spend a few more minutes just chilling although I will not be long before I go in.  Cheers everyone will catch you later.

Pattypan xx


  1. You are enjoying your garden.
    I'm sure it has been worth all the work.

  2. Hi Sunflower - I am enjoying the garden when its not raining. It has been lovely so far although I am still a long way off doing everything I plan to. I must remember that Rome was not built in a day.

    Hope you and yours are well and that the lottie is producing well.

    Take care

    Tricia aka Pattypanxx


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