Sunday, 25 June 2017

Internet Problems

Yet again.  Have not been able to get online for the past couple of days.  However we have since found out what the problem was and hopefully it has been fixed. I had a bookshelf fall of the wall during the week and it had managed to break the socket box so the modum was not connected.  This morning I have got to the bottom of the problems and we have been out and bought new socket boxes (one needed replacing in another room as well) so hopefully we are now back to normal.

Weather cannot make its mind up this morning seems muggy sun is out one minute and then its grey the next and it keeps threatening rain.  We need the rain I just wish it would get on with it.  It might save me some watering up later on.

Just got one thing sorted and it would appear that my mobile now will not work.


Here we go again.

Catch you later.




  1. Don't you just hate all those little irritating things life throws at you.

  2. Yup sure do especially when I had planned on doing something then cannot and it kind of throws you. Hope you are keeping well.



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