Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday Night Tea

I was not in the mood for leftovers from Sunday dinner yesterday and so set too when I got in and cooked home made chunky chips, mushy peas and cod fillet served with bread and butter.  It has gone down well.  With it still being muggy I am still off my food in fact I am still not sleeping as well as I normally do because it is too muggy.  Cannot win too cold or too hot but tonight for a change I did eat all my tea.

I have since watered up my pot gardens all my tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers wild strawberries and strawberries as well as globe artichokes.  They seem to be doing relatively well considering. And then there are all my herbs.  I did not realise it but the long term weather forecast is threatening rain tomorrow I only found out when speaking with my neighbour over the fence as I had finished watering up he came out to have his evening sit down so by then it was too late to do anything.  We desperately need the rain but I don't really want my plants to be drowned.

After coming in there was a hell of a hullaballoo going on between two cats. When I looked out of the back window there was my gentle giant Demetri firmly escorting a male intruder off the premises.  I did not think he had it in him and was quite proud and surprised as although there was a lot of caterwauling going on from the other cat Demetri never touched him but go the cat did.  He wasn't having strangers on what he considers his patch.  Now when I had Tyson it was a regular occurrence as he was truly king of the block and really did used to square the cat population up.  But my quiet gentleman Demetri and he very much is a gentleman he lets Squeak sprawl all over him to keep her warm), I would never have thought he had it in him.

I don't leave the cats out overnight I have lost too many beautiful friends that way so there is a curfew.  With it being warmer at night Demetri in particular has not been as easy to get in so I have changed tactics/  I now go and sit in the garden for a little bit and he usually comes to me if he does not then I whistle him and he soon comes. all my cats come to the whistle).  He then crawls up onto my lap as he wants one to one time with his mum.  Once that is done with I scoop him up and bring him in.  He seems to be more responsive to being in that way.

I have a lot of sorting to do this week as OH is fishing at the weekend and I really want to get started on one of my sewing machine projects but if I don't get to it this week I hopefully will next week.  I have a lot of vintage bits and bobs that I want to re-vamp into something else including cushion covers and also a vintage style bedspread as well as a denim patchwork picnic rug (I have a stack of old jeans to hand to do this as well as enough to finish off my clippie rug in the winter months.  I saw the idea for the patchwork picnic rug in one of the patchwork monthly magazines (at the time of writing this I cannot remember which one).  I also want to get the recycled shirt patchwork quilt on the go and for that I definitely do need OH out of the way as I need a session of cutting and need to concentrate without interruption its quieter and safer this way.  If he is out of the way he does not stress at what a mess I am making (in his eyes).

I as usual also have lots of other things that I want to get to but it is a case of working through and prioritising what is needed first rather than what I really want to be doing.

Anyway had better get on have to get ready for work tomorrow and get to bed reasonably early (part of my new routine) during the week.

Catch you soon keep safe until then.

Pattypan xx


  1. Your oh and mine sound similar! Love the denim patchwork idea, I might use that for a bed spread. Mind you I don't know how I'd fit it in!! Xx

    1. Hi Tracy - I think its a man thing. I started a clippie rug a while back but like everything else have been distracted. I hope to get sorted so that I can get back on it again in the coming winter months. My Nan used to make them for the kitchen in front of the Rayburn. She worked in later life at a well known knitwear factory and used to get all the clippings and bring them home and make the rugs out of them. They were very hard wearing. With my mum passing and with us emptying the house I found my Nan's well worn tools. I have also saved lots of old jeans so I have more than enough for the clippie rung and also to do the patchwork cloth and as we like picnics I though it might be a good way of using up and recycling the jeans. The clippie rug I am doing is for the kitchen when it gets done. Sometimes I don't know how to fit things in but every so often I just down tools on everything else and get cracking at the expense of everything else. Sometimes you just have to.

      Take care




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