Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pinterest and Home Infused Alcohol/Drinks

Do you use Pinterest?  I must confess I do tend to lurk on there quite a lot researching different recipes and different ideas people come up with.  Often their posts are inspiration for me and my own version of things.  However it frequently introduces me to some lovely people and some lovely blogs.

Being as I have been concentrating on items of a liquid nature quite a bit just recently I had a browse round to see what I could find on Pinterest and there is quite a lot.  I include some links below for you just in case you are interested especially for the elderflowers which are out and about just now.

Orange and  Elderflower Vodka
and Lemon and Elderflower Gin

home made Ameretto :

Just a little food for thought and there are more there besides.

I have made some Toffee Vodka as well with 1 litre of vodka and two bags of Thorntons Special Toffee.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I use Christina Stapley's recipes from Herbcraft Naturally and have modified my own recipe for Elderflower and other cordials from Sarah Raven's. My sloe gin is based on Mrs Beeton (she's good for fruit syrups too. ) and my quince vodka is similar. Once you feel confident with the principle of what you're making and how you like it you can generally turn anything aromatic into a syrup/cordial.


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