Sunday, 9 July 2017


I was at the veg shop yesterday and got into conversation with the owners as I usually do as well as buying a load of goodies to turn into something for the pantry.

One thing led to another and the conversation somehow turned to butter wherein  Despite all the new spreads and alternatives to butter I have stuck steadily to butter.  I think this is in the main due to the fact that my mother could not bear oil or margarine (something to do with being brought up in the war years when margarine was not as palatable as it is today) but nevertheless she could not bear it and could always taste whether something had been cooked in oil or margarine and it used to turn her stomach.

Anyways I have stuck steadily to butter and I keep a supply of it in the fridge.  Yesterday in the Sun newspaper apparently they ran an article saying that because of everyone now converting to using butter rather than the spreads there is now a shortage of butter.  There was even a recipe on how to make your own butter included within the article.

I have made my own butter before and what I tend to do and what is going to be done in the next few weeks is to make herb and spice butters for the freezer. They add that little bit more to a meal.  Especially garlic and herb butter to make your own garlic bread or to serve with steak.  Next year I intend to make use of the wild garlic or Ramsons for doing this for use throughout the year.

I have a new little Kilner butter churner (hand powered one) which I use for this purpose buying double cream and having plenty of ice to hand when I make the butter and to wash the butter out with.  The whey can be used for making scones or you can give it to your animals if you do not wash it away.

However if you have never made butter before there is a very good tutorial on You Tube.  You can access it via You Tube or from the drop down on the Kilner blog site under tutorials.




So there we have it apparently we have a butter shortage.  Might be worth putting the odd extra pack into the shopping basket just in case.

Catch you soon.



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