Saturday, 1 July 2017

Good morning

As I have been a little behind all week I thought that I would get up front for a change.

OH has gone fishing I have bathed the dog before he left the house as she gets a skin condition which dries her skin up and irritates her and as he is going away for a couple of days and because she won't do as she is told when he is anywhere near when it comes to getting bathed I dealt with her first thing and towel dried her.  They have both now gone and the house seems empty without them.

It started off grey here first thing but the sun is now finding its way out.  Its all quiet on the western front next door - I am tempted to put some meat loaf on full blast to wake them up but it might upset my moanie neighbour. He is 80+ with a heart condition and his wife is not too clever either.  However the inner Imp in me is very tempted though.

I have lots of things to do today whilst OH and Moo are away.   OH has reported in he is down at the lake and he had expected there to be a queue as there has been no fishing there for the past month as the owner allows the fish to spawn and rest so he expected a few down there.  However thus far there is only him and Moo (Missy).

I am just enjoying a few minutes to myself having a lovely cup of tea and gradually regaining my equilibrium.  Trying to bath a neurotic Jack Russell who thinks her Dad is leaving her here first thing is interesting.  She is a very vocal Jack Russell who whinges and cries when she is stressed.  Her being plonked in the bath whilst her Dad is on the way out of the house does not help stress levels.  Now I can breathe and get on with what I need to.  There is a lot to do so I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you a little later.



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