Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Its rained on and off all day

... but its that gentle kind of rain that does more good than harm.  The plants in the garden certainly needed it and it will not do them any harm at all.  All I can hear is the gentle plip plop of the rain coming down in the night sky now.

Demetri is in tonight - he has been wrestled in - he wanted his grub he just did not want to come in for it so he has been confined to barracks for the evening.  He seems content enough and has been wanting affection everytime I have gone downstairs to do something.  He got fed earlier but the others are due to be fed soon and no doubt he will want seconds.

Hopefully the rain will send me off to sleep; I am shattered after a very busy day and where we have not had a full complement of staff again.  I have not been sleeping really well as I have had sciatica in my leg most of the week and when its like that sleep is a bit fitful and when you wake up in the morning you feel like you have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

Right I am off up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.

Keep safe wherever you may be.



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