Thursday, 13 July 2017

Mixed Summer Fruits in Kirsch

I have in mind to put up some of this preserve each week whilst we have an abundance of fresh fruit to enjoy in the winter months.  Its a different version of the Rumptopf  but Kirsch is the main spirit being used here.  It can be made all at once or bit by bit like the Rumptopf.  Yet again this is more for adults than for children.

The recipe is from Clearly Delicious a book by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz which I have referred to before.

If the fruit is being added layer by layer weight it down with a coffee saucer or some crumpled greaseproof paper in the jar to keep the fruit submerged in the alcohol.


675g/1 1/2lb of mixed summer fruits eg:
- Raspberries
- Boysenberries
- Blueberries
-small Strawberries

250g/ 9oz sugar

About 300ml/10 fl oz Kirsch

Fills one litre/ 1 3/4 pint jar.

  1. Pick over the fruits removing any leaves, mouldy or damaged fruits hulls and stalks.  For the currants it is easier to remove them from their stalks by running the tynes of a fork down the stalk to remove the berries.  Wash the fruits in a plastic sieve or colander and dry on kitchen paper.
  2. Layer the fruits and sugar in a sterilised jar to within 1 inch of the top of the jar.
  3. Pour in the Kirsch to cover the fruits by about 1.25cm/ 1/2 an inch making sure there are no air-pockets between the fruits.  Seal the jar and label.
  4. Keep in a cool dark place for two to three months before using turning or moving the jar everytime you go by. It helps dissolve the sugar
  5. Serve with Cream, Yogurt or Ice Cream.
Another one of those naughty adult puds and maybe some liqueur too.

Catch you soon



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