Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Strawberry pie filling (for canning/bottling)

I have had my eye on making pie filling for canning/bottling for sometime now however most of the recipes I had seen were from the United States and used something called clear jel (the cooking version) which is a more stable form of cornstarch used for thickening up pie fillings, etc.  Apparently if you use ordinary cornflour/cornstarch after a while it splits in the jar , goes lumpy and spoils the appearance of the preserve.  I have tried on several occasions to order this via Amazon but a lot of companies do not export to the UK.

However. I have found a link on Amazon.  On the search facility type in "clear jel".   This should take you direct to one particular link When I ordered mine the other day only the one site came up and it referred to the product as "Hoosier Farm" clear jel (cooking version).  You can order a single jar of 1.5 lbs for £9 odd or 3 jars for just over £30 including postage.  My order arrived today and I intend to play making some pie fillings for the pantry shelf this weekend and potentially Strawberry pie filling.  You do not need a pressure canner for this recipe as it is prepared using the Hot Water bath method i.e. placing your jars into a pan of water bringing to the boil and then processing for a set amount of time.  There are links under the recipe however when I went on to them some of them do not deliver to the UK and others don't have stock at the moment.  Keep at it though do not be put off as eventually you are bound to get your order placed.

The link for making this recipe is here: 

I am also looking forward to making other pie fillings like blueberry, apple, pear and peach for starters.  This will prove most useful for puddings, pies etc. during the winter months and hopefully extend and expand the choice available to me during the winter months from the pantry shelf and so that I can use the freezer for storing things like meat and veg.

There is a conversion chart her for USA cups to English pints if that assists.

I have also been into TK Max today and bought some  more preserving jars.  So I am getting geared up and looking forward to a serious play at the weekend.  I am looking forward to trying and working my way around this  - in the greater scheme of things it does not seem too complicated.

Catch you soon.



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