Monday, 10 July 2017

The Dehydrator Part 1 - Kale and Flat Leafed Parsley

I have had an Excalibur dehydrator for a little while but with everything else I have not really had an opportunity to play apart from the odd thing here and there.  So I have decided to bite the bullet and get to grips with this new branch of preserving.  I am used to air drying and used this quite a lot especially when I had the airing cupboard but I really want to get my monies worth out of this piece of equipment and make the silly things that we buy from the supermarkets myself. I am talking about herby croutons, pot pourri from garden flowers, salt dough ornaments for Christmas presents, dried vegetables that can be used by OH when he goes fishing  to supplement whatever he cooks without the bother of having to prepare everything from scratch; dried vegetables and powders that can be added so sauces, soups and stews as a way of getting extra vitamins into the diet.  Stuffings, dried fruit, vegetable and meat stocks, stock cube, dried onion, dried garlic etc etc.

So I have cheated I have bought some bags of Kale from my local Coop already pre-prepared and I have some herbs in there as well to be precise some flat leaved parsley.  I am starting simple and am working my way up but I suspect that I may need extra pantry storage in the not too distant future in which to store everything.

The tutorial I am following is this one:


Well it seems to have dried fairly well as has the flat leaved parsley.  Am quietly chuffed for a first real attempt.   Now to decant it into some jars.

The Kale

And the flat leaved parsley

Now on to the next project:

Catch you soon.




  1. nice to see you joining the dehydrating clan :-)

  2. Thanks Dawn; its been upstairs out of the way of the cats. I have it downstairs now where they cannot get at it and where I can play. They do have a habit of trying to assist or supervise whatever I am having a go at.

    I have been very pleased with the way the kale and the herbs have come up. I have been playing again this evening and there's a post to follow on that for tomorrow. I am hoping it will help OH when he goes fishing if everything is pre-packed ready for him to take and less hassle for him but still get a decent meal. So we shall see how things go. Its early days and a learning curve.

    Catch you soon and take care.




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