Sunday, 9 July 2017

Things achieved this week - week ending 9 July 2017

I thought I would try and keep a weekly record of the things I manage to achieve during the week - whatever that might be as some weeks I just don't seem to get anything done and then I don't feel so good.  So rather than dwell on what I have not managed to achieve I am focusing on the positive of what I have achieved.  In other words my glass is half full rather than empty.  In any event this is what I have managed to achieve this week  - I haven't done so bad after all especially with me working full time.

  1. Weeded the Herb garden.
  2. Pruned the Bay Tree.
  3. Dried the Bay leaves for future use.
  4. Cleared overgrown tubs and put new compost in.
  5. Potted up some fence hangers with citrus thyme.
  6. Started to plant herbs.
  7. Planted passion flower (a blue one).
  8. Tied in the vine.
  9. Wooden planters built up and ready to plant (courtesy of OH).


  1. More Beetroot pickled.
  2. Apple pie filling processed.
  3. More bottled pears in syrup.
  4. Cherry Brandy.
  5. Dried Flat Leaved Parsley.
  6. Preserved chopped basil in oil for the freezer.
  7. Dried the Chestnut mushrooms.
  8. Dried the fresh pasta.
  9. Flat leaf parsley is bunched up in its dust cover drying naturally.
  10. So is the dill.  Dry this to use with my smoked salmon.
  11. Chillis.  I have strung these on a kebab sticks this time round with a string hanger and they are drying off the dresser.  I always dry my own chillies. They are primarily used in my pickled onions.  So it is well worth doing this.

I have also had cooking, washing and ironing to contend with as well as a couple of evenings out and despite the fact that I don't like mornings.

Feeling quietly chuffed.

Catch you soon.



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