Thursday, 27 July 2017

Waiting for Things

Well apparently, the Canner is on its way and looks to be delivered over the weekend/beginning of next week.  Fingers crossed for the weekend.  Can't wait.  Just have to locate the books now and then I can really start to play.

I had also purchased a jerky gun, which basically means you can use ground meat/mince to make jerky with the addition of spices and a curing powder which I would take to be something like a Prague powder and then squirts it out of a special nozzle to create strips.  It is basically a medium sized sausage stuffer type gun with the addition of the special nozzles so I am looking forward to having a play with that too.

OH has to go for a suit fitting this weekend.  My step-son is getting married to his soul mate shortly at the beautiful Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough.  I suppose I had better start looking for something nice to wear as well.  No hat though; don't do hats as a rule.

I have also ordered some candle moulds so that I can have a go at doing some fancier candles to give as pressies. 

I am also looking at the soap making as well.  I thought if I started with something like the  melt n pour it would help me get into the swing of things and then possibly brave enough to have a go at making my own from scratch.  I have seen and smelt many beautiful soaps over the years and would quite like to be able to make my own for the house and for my own use; that rather appeals to me.  Fresh linen i.e. soft comfy towels and lots of nice smelling soap.  Lovely makes everything smell fresh and clean.  

I am also waiting for a couple of kits a cordial kit and also a wine making kit.  So we shall see how we get on with those.

Right things to do  - lots to do.

Catch you later.




  1. Gosh, if you weren't busy enough already, you are going to be going nutso when all those wonderful things arrive. I bet you are so excited about them being ordered now. I am looking forward to how you get on. Don't overdo it!

  2. Hi BB

    I stockpile things when I can and then pop them up to do as I go along. OH is fishing for a few days this coming week so I am hoping to get some of my projects done then or at least started. Particularly thinking about patchwork here I really am itching to get on. I have started a small hexie quilt as well but that will be more for the winter evenings a few a day I thought when I was sat down for an hour or so. This will be a long term project but it is intended for my bedroom and will be hand sewn in the pure tradition of patchwork. I have a load of shirts that I have sourced from the charity shop and I want to turn them into patchwork throws.

    I will be careful I burnt myself out a bit last week as I was not sleeping well then because of my back giving me some gyp.

    Right better get a wriggle on.

    Catch you soon.




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