Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday night catch up

It's been a really busy day at work again and then when I got home I was straight off out again to Fellowship. where I was busy giving Reiki sessions and it has been quite busy there. So it has been a long day no gardening done tonight although I have bought two lilac geranium plants and two purple Hydrangea which I am quite chuffed with.

I tried to get my wooden planters put together the other night but for some unknown reason could not get the base plate to go in properly.  OH to the rescue and he has sorted all four out for me so now to get the plants in.  The wooden planters were reduced from 12.99 each to £9.99 and they are a burnt wood appearance however I plant to paint them in the same colour as I eventually do the shed which is "Seagrass" at this present point in time. 

I also hit the pound shop and stocked up with different sized envelopes, drawing pins and bits and bobs.  Its a lot cheaper to buy this sort of stuff there as well as padded envelopes and packaging.  If you are dealing with selling things over the Internet it certainly saves money to buy your packaging here. I wanted drawing pins so that I can string the vine up so that it can wind itself round them and not fall down along the fence.  Hopefully I will be back outside in the garden tomorrow evening.

I also hit Wilkinsons the wine making section for some new airlocks and a new syphon with a tap for drawing the wine off the must.  I want to get some house orange on the go at the weekend as well as some lemon and grapefruit.  These are good all rounders.  I am also partial to elderflower wine.  I have some kits for Strawberry, Elderflower, Black Cherry so now is the time to start with the wine in order to have it ready for Christmas. I was bought up on country wines and so if I get the chance of some plums I shall endeavour to make plum wine like my Nan used to make.  Hers was always fizzy as it used to go into a second fermentation but it was a lovely fizzy wine.

I have also been buying a few bottles of wine here and there and popping them into the wine chiller.

I also have my gooseberries to turn into Jam.  I absolutely love goosegog jam its an absolute favourite of mine.  I have a load already stored in the freezer for gooseberry crumble for OH.   So as usual lots to do and not enough time to do it.  It looks as though OH is fishing again this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get stuck in and get on with things and boy is there a lot to do so I may well end up with an early start over the weekend when all I want to do is collapse into bed.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.


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  1. You are like I used to be back in my wine-making days. Have fun!

    It sounds like you are very organized and the weekend will be busy by the sound of things.


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