Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Christmas Bits and Bobs

I popped into The Works at dinner time today (Monday)and ended up spending more than I had anticipated.  They had loads of bits and bobs in for Christmas decorating, and crafting; and apparently they will have more in later on in the week.  Ostensibly for Christmas some of the bits could be used all year round like the ribbon.

Please note this is just me letting u know what I have found out and about on my travels. I have no connection with said company apart from buying stuff in my own right.

Packaging for Christmas pressies

Some berries to add to Christmas wreaths, packaging, or garlands.

A big pot of PVA for £3

A  wooden cut out Angel for the fireplace or window cill or you could have them hanging from a chandelier or the like.

Further wooden cut outs

Another stamp

Metallic mesh for decorating garlands and the like

Some crayons for colouring in.

Wooden Christmas tree cut outs for putting on packaging, garlands, and wreaths amongst other things.  Oh and some paper scissors.

Seasonal stamps including holly leaves, santas face gingerbread man and fireside scene

Larger wooden cut outs to create free standing trees for the table or window cill.

See through Christmas baubles ideal to put a little extra tree present in for family members or friends and then hang them off the Christmas tree.

So not a bad little haul.  Very pleased with the ribbon.

The goodies have found their way into my Christmas box.  I have a big box full of all sorts of bits and bobs just for Christmas so that when I come to play I have lots of bits and bobs all in one place.

Are you planning Christmas decorations or the like yet.  Would love to hear or is just me getting into the Christmas spirit a tad early.

Catch you later.




  1. I know how you love Christmas so I am not at all surprized that you have started stocking up when you saw the new stock in The Works. I've not been in there recently (only several trips to The Range and Dunelm). Looks like you have all the ingredients for crafting heaven now!

  2. Hi BB

    The Works are online as


    I quite frequently have a look - and only buy if something takes my fancy. I love Christmas am a big kid really. Blame my mum and dad they always made it special. I love the touches you are making to your lovely home. They look lovely. Take care Pattypanxx

    1. Guess who has just been on there. Think I belong on the naughty step x

  3. Thanks for the link - I shouldn't look yet..... ;) xx

    1. You should because when you want them they will not have them particularly the paper dies. I have what is known as a Big Shot which OH bought me for my Christmas pressies a couple of years ago. Its very useful for producing decorations etc. at home. They also seem to have a quick turnover on items.

      Catch you soon.




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