Thursday, 10 August 2017

Christmas Quilt

I should not go mooching amongst the shelves in the Craft Department at John Lewis - its getting a little bit dangerous. Its like writing lines after receiving detention at school!   Only in my case I think it will be "don't look and don't buy" Government health warning.  My name is Tricia and  I think I am a fabriholic!

After buying the sewing machine on Saturday I went in there again today (Tuesday) ostensibly for some wool as I have an urge/compulsion to do some simple crochet for a cushion cover worked in little squares.  So I ended up with my selection of wools and a couple of crochet hooks, and a reel of white cotton.  I then ended up buying 4 packs of fat quarters with about 5 different fabrics in each for £10 a pack - but it is all Christmassy fabric which they did not have on the floor apparently it is in the stock room waiting to be brought out on the floor.  I have already spotted one Christmas fabric which I think will look lovely made up as a tablecloth.  The fabrics are in reds and creams.  I am thinking about getting some nice red gingham with which to back it or maybe a plain red.

I also had to have a look at the embroidery machine again.  I am afraid it is speaking to me!  Told you it is dangerous.  However I am doing some more research first.  I have more questions but I need to see Jenny the Sewing Machine Specialist at the store to see if I can find out more. I may well get her to do a demonstration in the coming weeks.  The designs she had done were super but I need to know more about the software what it can do etc.  I need to be sure that it has the capacity I need and the scope as once I start playing with things 

The fabric for my ironing board cover has also come neatly tied with some navy blue ribbon.   I like the colour which is just the right colour for my ironing board which is navy blue in any event.  It will be a good project to do on my new sewing machine.  So I may well have a look to see if they do a red gingham to back it with.  I like gingham it is cheerful and clean looking and I think will be ideal for this Christmas quilt.

For a couple of years now I have been threatening to make a quilt from embroidered panels which are then framed with Christmas or plain fabric and then made up into a quilt.  I have the calico to do the embroidery on and one of the books on how to do this.  All I have to do is embroider the panels and then once they are completed I can make the quilt up.

Well those r the thoughts/plans at the moment.  R you ladies and gents making made oe started making for the festive season.  Wiuld live to hear.  Catch you soon.  Pattypan x


  1. Christmas will be here before we know it. Eek.

  2. I have made one if the quilts with the embroidered panels and I really enjoyed it. I embroidered the 12 panels during our caravan breaks and then put it together in the nick of time for Christmas. It is always admired by people who come to visit. I am a fabricholic and have no compunction telling you that! Look forward to reading what you decide. Catriona

    1. Hi Lanniesmum and welcome. I have bought a couple of books with the patterns in and I have the calico to hand and a Christmas contrast fabric just need to source the backing fabric. I am hoping to get started soon as I enjoy embroidery in any event. When I first saw the quilts made up in this fashion I was completely taken with them as they are so personal and some of them so funny. I am glad and pleased to learn that your quilt has been much admired and hope when mine is finished/completed that my efforts will be just as well loved. I have been a fabricholic for a long time. I love to feel and smooth the fabric out and see the potential in fabric that a lot of people do not see. There is also a version with Snowmen on as well. I will pop up how I get on. Now that I have a decent sewing machine to play with I hope to get this completed soon. Will pop up when it is completed and post some piccies from one fabricholic to another. Kind regards Pattypan (aka Tricia) x

  3. Hi FF, yes the dreaded C word will be here soon which is why I start my Christmas preparations early. I get things done as soon as I can as you never know when real life is going to intrude and cause a problem so if its there and waiting that's half the battle won. I always do a lot of preparation in any event. Thanks for popping by, Tricia (aka Pattypan) x


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