Saturday, 26 August 2017


I have spent the best part of the day in the hairdressers.  I have had my grey hairs removed and a colour popped on - I don't do grey hair I am afraid.  So I have had it tidied up a little bit in readiness for the wedding next week.

I had an idea in my head that I wanted my hair to be up a bit as I don't do the hair round the face bit.  Even for work I wear my hair up simply because I have earphones on a long wire, a computerised toggle/key to enable me to pass through the building and that is round my neck and my glasses and I get in a bit of a mess from time to time - so hence the reason for my hair up.

I had thought about a French pleat but Tony (my hairdresser) thought it might be a little too severe for me and she has come up with a very simple pretty hairdo that will be relatively simple for me to do at home but which is very much me.  I am not a fussy person about myself - I look after everyone else but not myself so much, so I am making a bit of an effort. I have had  a colour, a wash a trim and then a set; the curlers  have also been in to give my hair at the front some height.  But the overall effect is pretty, wavy and has the main front part up and into a pretty twist a the back.  If I decide to let my hair down later on it will be wearable as it will be wavy and curly.  So sort of kills two birds with one stone.

I have also decided to get into good habits and to keep my colour up and so I have booked a repeat appointment for six weeks time to try and keep it under control.  Its really only the front bit that's a bit freckled the rest is for the best part my original colour.

Today was the only day available to me for the hairdressers as with working full time I did not really have a lot of choice and perhaps not the best time to get one's hair done  especially when I have a load of cleaning planned this weekend. I have just bleached the passage out whilst the moany neighbour is out so that's one thing off the list.  I have the pavement in the front garden to do yet.  Perhaps after we have been to the tip tomorrow.

However having my hair coloured and trimmed today has put me in good stead for next week.  I am having my hair done by the hairdresser for the wedding and have an appointment booked so I am doing my best to look presentable for my stepson and OH.  Don't want to let the side down and don 't want to look like "mutton dressed as lamb" either.

So stage one of operation wedding completed now to get the other things for the best part sorted over the weekend so there are no last minute panics.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx


  1. Sounds like you have everything thought of and I know what you mean about looking after everyone else and forgetting about yourself. I too have all those things round my neck at work - it can b a right pain can't it!

  2. I hope so Tracy OH has a habit of forgetting to say things or leave things a little late before he decides he wants them. I am afraid he is very spoilt. Getting into knots with the embellishments yes; the other girls do laugh at me. Hope you are keeping okay and had a nice time off work. Take care. Tricia xx

  3. "mutton dressed as lamb"
    Too funny..

  4. Hi Linda, - don't want to look silly but want to look nice without going over the top but don't want to look older than I am. But \I love your point x

    Catch you soon.


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