Sunday, 20 August 2017

I am totally in love

With this new book to me (second hand from the Charity shop) For £1 yesterday.

It has some super recipes in - ones that you would want to try.  It is split into four sections relating to the seasons.  It has a lot of luscious recipes in - I have only browsed through the book and already several recipes are jumping off the page what I call substantial solid eating in line with the seasons.  Take for instance in the autumn section:

Mussels with thyme and bacon
Creamy garlic and thyme mushrooms
Chicken liver pate
Chestnut and bacon salad
chicken ham and wild mushroom pie
Cinnamon beef casserole
Cobnut meringues
Steamed chocolate pudding with hedgerow sauce now that looks lush
upside down plum tart
Blackberry omelette
Damson Betties
Pear apple and blackberry compote
Rosehip and Cardamon cake
Hedgerow shortcake tart
pear and ginger loaf
potato and savoy cabbage soup

So I am looking forward to using this book I really am.  It represents really good eating across the board.  The above recipes are only a sampling.  There are plenty more.

I am well chuffed.  One to look out for if you want to eat seasonally.

Catch you soon.



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