Monday, 7 August 2017

My Canner Has arrived

Whoo hoo my canner has arrived.  It was delivered  on Friday whilst I was at work so I am really looking forward to getting to grips with this and starting to make full use of the veggies etc. that I get and making soups for instance. 

I have gone for the Presto really on price purchased through Ebay a 23 quart one and including postage and import duties in sterling it worked out at about £135.  I have taken it out of its packaging to have a look at it.  It seems sturdy and strong and it is bigger than I had envisaged.  I will see how I get on with it.  I put the large outer box to one side in the dining room out of the way so I thought and when I came back from the veg shop there is one happy pussy hidden in the box.  Bumble just cannot resist a box little tyke.

There is a warning with this particular canner which indicates that you should not use it on an independent outdoor LP gas burner/as ring above 12,000BTUs as it could distort the shape of the canner.  Apparently these gas burners are pretty fierce.  It also has a little cookery book with it and I shall start there I think working my way through.  I am very chuffed -  now to get to the practicals and start the experimenting.  Have a lot of reading to do first though.

I have also been eyeing up a cider press!  Won't go there with that one yet but needless to say my Nan used to make an awful lot of cider she had the trees but I can get apples quite cheaply from the veg shop and as I have in mind to prepare juices apple, pear, and grape I thought I might experiment with Cider and Perry as well.  Well that's what I am thinking at present.

I think I am on a bit of a learning curve with a lot of things at the moment.  On Friday at work I had some training on Excel and I am hoping to get to grips with that properly as I go along.  We are very lucky in that we have an excellent trainer who is very people orientated so if you don't understand one way she sticks with you until you totally get it.  Now that is what I call a  born Teacher.

I have some serious sorting out to do at home but I am hoping to get into more of a routine with the housework etc so that I can get time for doing my crafting  and follow my other interests and get to do things on a more regular basis.  All work and no play is not good for the soul or general well being and there is more to life than work.  Work should be a means to an end but being as I am an all or nothing kind of girl I tend to put my heart and soul into whatever I am doing.  I need to sort out some things for myself and have a sense of purpose in what I do and have some idea of what direction I am going in.  I just seem to drift from one thing to another - I wonder if I am too much of a butterfly a free spirit.  Oh well I suppose it will sort itself out in due course.

Catch you soon.




  1. It sounds like you are going to have some fun with your new Canner! I think Dawn has one too and gets a lot of use from hers.

    Our cats adore boxes too and if we put a box down, sure enough it has a cat in it before too long!

    If you lived nearer I could keep you supplied with apples for your juicing and cider. We don't have any actual cider apple trees but you could do a cottage cider with the ones we have (a mix of them).

    I hope you get on well with Excel. I use it for my accounts, but am always having to rely on Tamzin to help me out (she's fully conversant with it).

  2. Hi BB, its going to be a learning curve. I want to put lots of apples, tomatoes, plums, soups and perhaps fish and meat. But I will not run before I can walk. There's a lot to do and I am particularly interested in making good home made soup and canning it so that we can have soup as a starter or as a meal in the winter months. Soups are very filling and cheap enough to make. Even if you do not have much you can always have soup and bread which is very filling in itself. The cats are very good at getting into boxes that they shouldn't be. I put them out the way and somehow or other they always find their way in.

    My Nan used to make cottage cider. She didn't have the cider apple trees but mixing the cookers and the eaters she made quite a potent brew. It is a pity don't live nearer for all sorts of reasons.

    I have been given the name of a website to do further work on it is a freebie but covers all aspects of excel. I need to use it for Estate Accounts and the like - only I have never been trained - that is until Friday. I haven't got the paperwork with me at the moment it is at work but I will try and pop a post up with the links. It might help you as well. What I have seen, seems to be quite simple (the website) but I need to be able to get to grips with it. I am a visual learner and actually have to do things and use them on a regular basis for me to remember how to do it. Any kind of inactivity and I forget. Fortunately Angela one of our Trainers is absolutely brilliant and it makes a really big difference.

    Catch you soon.



  3. Hopefully, Out of curiosity what did you start off with. I was thinking fruit or soups but would be grateful for the input. Hope you are keeping okay. Take care. Pattypanxx


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