Monday, 21 August 2017

Perfick Apple Chutney

So named because it came from the Darling Buds of May recipe book and I thought it would be easier for me to remember which recipe I used.


6 to 8 large Bramley apples about 4lb in weight
1 pint of malt vinegar
1 large onion
About 1 1/ packets brown sugar 1 - 1/2lb
2 teaspoons of ground ginger
1/2 a teaspoon of mixed spice
A good pinch of salt
A pinch of cayenne pepper


Peel core and chop the apples and cook them in a big jam /maslin pan with half the vinegar and the chopped onion until they are pulpy. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook until thick.

You will have to keep stirring to stop mixture burning. This will take quite a long time of gentle simmering and the mixture will reduce rapidly.  Dont worry it is meant to do this.

There's a way of telling when the mixture is cooked.  Take a wooden spoon and drag it along the bottom of the pan through the mixture.  If it makes a parting and you can see the bottom of your pan its ready.  Pour into clean hot sterilised jars and cover with vinegar proof jam jar lids.

This made approximately 4 1/2 jars. It tastes fab already but needs to mature for 6 weeks then you can use.

From the two bunches of beetroot I ended up with 5 jars of sliced beetroot.  So not bad going 10 jars fif the pantry shelf.  Am going to make some more of this. Peach and chilli chutney on the agenda next.

Catch up soon.



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