Monday, 14 August 2017

Sunday Night Catch Up - Posted Monday Morning

A busy day on Sunday and one where I was not firing on all pistons.  After the family incident yesterday which needed sorted out I am a little drained to say the least and not terribly happy that my play date was thwarted!.  But it was a case of if I did not sort things out things would have kept repeating themselves so needs must and all that.  Oh well if I look at it in a positive frame of mind at least it will give me more time to get things prepped which will be better in the long run on the organisational front.  I intend to get everything to machining point and then just work my way through the projects so as to make the most of the time available to me.

I have written a couple of posts today as well.  I tend to pre-prep on different subjects and then when the timing is right it gets posted.  Working full time its the only way I can do it - when the words come I let them run across the page.  I do not handwrite  - I am a secretary so it is second nature for me to type everything straight onto the blank page.  Sometimes the words just flow and on others I struggle like billy oh.  If I leave it and then go back to it the words flow better.

I have been attending to housewifely duties and also done a little flower arranging - see the Wellingore Hall post.  the post started off about flower arranging and I kind of got side tracked remembering things that are important to me and remembering those no longer with us.  I was very fortunate that I was from a very loving family - some of the branches of the family did not have much financially but they gave a lot of love and it did not matter what you did.  You were still theirs.  They had their hands and their skills and were not afraid of hard work or of having a go.  Sometimes I think I was loved too much if you know what I mean.  I was extremely close with my Dad we could finish each other's sentences off and could communicate without uttering  a word; and I think of everyone I was the closest to him.  However there were other family members who I did get close to as well people who were really important to me. Unfortunately they have now all gone and are missed greatly by me. However I don't let people in easily probably due to the way I have been treated over the years.  I share some of  the inner me here but not everything.  Probably the more creative side which other people do not see.

For instance the other day a younger member of staff had thought that I was a spinster and was quite surprised that I had been previously married and that I have been with OH for 30 years.  What is it with some of the youngsters they assume so much and get it dreadfully wrong.  Its as though they write you off and that you have not had an interesting life.  I think its really down to some people are so fickle they don't consider that you have really lived and done various things with your life.  They are not prepared to scratch the surface.  These sorts of people come into the associate range rather than friends.  Proper warts and all friends stick with you through thick and thin and love you for yourself no matter what you do.

Anyway after doing the housewifely bit  (i.e. the washing the ironing etc) I then set to and cooked roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, bread sauce, chipolata sausages, roast potatoes, peas, kale, cabbage and carrot and swede crush with lashings of gravy.  It was delicious and has gone down very nicely and has set us both up very well for the rest of the week.  I do not know what it is about fishing but one little Jack Russell comes back with her master and she is absolutely shattered she has crashed out again now.  It will take her a couple of days to recover; apparently she is on constant alert when in the bivvy.

By the way I ordered the new Kilner Recipe book thinking it might be a good buy.  Personally I am a little disappointed with it the recipes are far better on the web site, although it does cover all the other things they have dipped their toes into like making butter, spiralising, meals in jars that sort of thing but not enough on the preserving recipe front or recipes of interest. Might be okay for a beginner.  Well it was a gamble.  No doubt I will find the odd recipe I can use.

I have also bought two shower curtains cheapies from Wilkos for £3 apiece.  I thought that I might make a shower curtain for the bathroom at some point out of white lace/net and use the cheapie linings to keep the net clean.  However I then decided that they are going into the stash as I think they will come in very useful for making make up bags and lining them to give away as Crimbo presents.  I also have a pattern for a shower cap that I would quite like to have a go at and it will be ideal for lining it.  As I have said before I want to try and make all my own Christmas presents this year if I can.  So perhaps its a good thing in the long run of preparing and then sewing items so that they are split into different zones of production.

On the elderberry and blackberry front I did not get any today and hope to go one night in the week after work.  I need space to process the elderberries and the blackberries into their respective products so I need to do some clearing before I go and harvest them.  On the Rosehip front they are just starting to colour up and there looks as if there is going to be quite a few so I shall also take advantage of them when they have a bit more colour.

Hopefully will catch up with everyone later on.

Take care.




  1. So sorry your weekend didn't pan out as planned. That's life though. Perhaps you will get a more productive session next time you settle down as you will have prepared more first.

    Like you I was very close to my dad. He died nearly 40 years ago now though, and I just wish he had been able to meet Keith and his grandchildren, but it was not meant to be.

    You have been fortunate in having such a wonderful family who shared their lives and way of living with you, and passed on their skills and interests so that they are being practiced by you still. Such happy memories (I did enjoy your last post and am almost envious of the sort of upbringing that you had, although no real complaints about my own).

    Why someone should think you at a spinster is beyond me! Some folk have no empathic tendencies at all. I know I always sense a loyal, loving person who has such a kind and gentle soul when I see your photo.

    I have treated myself at the patchwork shop today. Photos will be up in the morning.

  2. Hi BB, my Great Aunt was a business woman. She was abandoned by her first husband with two young children to fend for. Not an easy task for a woman in that time but she was canny and showed to have an awful lot of business acumen. She apparently was lethal in cutting people down to size. For many years it was believed by the family that she never married her second partner but I have found marriage records recently to prove that they did and they just snook away without any fuss. Wellingore Hall was the last business she owned but she started off with a small bakery on Steep Hill in Lincoln. In fact she rescued my Nan from service in a School in Harrogate where my Nan was dreadfully unhappy. Nan ended up doing all the baking at the bakery. Aunty Kit then diversified and went into a Hat business I then lose track but I know that she had a posh house in the village my Nan lived in. Then she moved to a very large bed and breakfast establishment. Then the George at Leadenham (Freehold Pub) and as I say latterly Wellingore Hall. It was her money that bought all the ventures not her partner/ my Great Uncle Pat. Apparently she saw me a couple of times as a baby and was quite taken with me but she died of a brain haemorrhage when I was 6 months old. Dad always said that if she had got hold of me I would have been treated the same as her granddaughter my cousin as we were like two peas in a pod despite the difference in ages. It is sad you Dad never got to meet Keith or his grandchildren but as you say that is how the cookie crumbles. Wellingore Hall was so peaceful and I loved it there as well as being with some lovely family members. I always got made a lot of but the Hall was full of old beautiful antiques and when it was sold they had to have a separate antique auction where several of the horse oil paintings fetched an awful lot of money as well as some of the furniture. You would have been in your element. I still miss it but at least I have my memories. I think that's really where I learned to love good quality period pieces and lovely china and glass etc. My Aunt always had really good taste. Thank you for your kind words I have a motto and I treat all who come within my circle with kindness and respect as that is how I would wish to be treated. I am glad you have treated yourself to something nice and glad that Gay is leading you astray. Hope you have a lovely visit with her. Catch you soon. Pattypanxx


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