Friday, 11 August 2017

The new sewing machine

If OH goes fishing and only if I will be trialling my new machine this coming Saturday night.

I have decided to start with something small and I thought that the miniature bunting might be the ideal thing to start with.  However I am going to back mine with some cotton lining and then turn them through press them and then attach them to the ribbon.  I still have the backs to cut out and I am going to make a template from one of the pennants and then cut out the rest. There are four garlands in all which will be ideal for decorating the dining room for a birthday party or high tea.  The colours will go well with the tea set I have.

So we will see if we can turn the contents of these packets into something pretty, probably impractical a little bit of nonsense to use when its someone's birthday.

I then have some clothes to mend, seams that are coming undone etc. but for the sake of a little stitching make the difference between something going in the bin or being worn and getting the wear out of the items. In my mind they still have a lot of wearing to give and being as I was taught to repair things from an early age I am not taking the easy way out on this.  They are going to be repaired.

I also need ironing board covers.  I have a lovely French Navy and white check that I have purchased online and I am hoping to get two or three covers out of the fabric maybe more.  If there are any scraps left I might make a peg bag with some applique on

And then I might start cutting out the patches for the shirt fabric patchworks.  I have about three colourways going on so far; reds blues and whites, pink white and blue, lilac pink and grey.  However I think for the first quilt it is going to be the red white and blue to start with.

I also have the denim patchwork to deal with as well  - this one for use on picnics.  Thought I might get some fleece with which to back it with so that it makes it comfy on one's derriere.


Since this post was initially typed things have moved on a tad.

OH has gone fishing so that's me for a play tomorrow night then.

I have been back to John Lewis's again.  This time for bobbins as I am one of these people who winds their bobbins and then keeps them to one side in case I ever need more of that particular thread.  Its called being economical with the cotton.  However they did not have any.  I have been told also not to use the metal bobbins with my machine as there is something magnetic in the machine which does not react very well with them.  So I am going to have a mooch on line to see if I can source any proper Janome ones - plastic ones that is.

I have also spoken to one of my friends who works in the craft department and who was key in offering training courses primarily in beadwork and patchwork a few of which I attended.   She is really excellent at craft and I told her about the new machine and she has offered to show me how to do free form embroidery with my new sewing machine when I pop in next.  She did her degree in sewing needlework etc.

I have bought white, black, cream and red thread for doing my repairs.  The in-between size and will add threads every so often as I go along or when I have something to do.

I have also been eyeing up the Christmas fabric the one I was tempted by last week.  My table is quite a big one and I will need about three metres in length but then I will need to add a plain or same patterned border as the fabric is not wide enough to give a decent drop.

I have been back into Tiger Tiger and bought some wire for jewellery making and also some jewellery findings, earring stumps and butterflies, clasps for necklaces. I have also bought some cutters and pliers.  

I have also bought some more patchwork fabric  Think this may go into my hexie quilt as it is pink and cream colours for that; however we will see.

Oh and some more ribbon.  This time apple green and turquoise.

I also bought some tray bake carrier boxes in pink and blue for transporting/storing any tray bake cake.  I like to be prepared.

So tomorrow evening it looks as though I will be test driving the sewing machine.  Cannot wait.

Catch you soon.



  1. It sounds like tonight is the night then Tricia. Have fun with your projects and getting to know your new machine. I look forward to seeing what you made.

  2. I just love your blog, and don't know how you have time for all your projects!

    1. Hi Hetty, thank you for your kind words. I am never sure whether my ramblings will be of interest or not. It is a vey fine balancing act. In reality I do not always have time or I over estimate how quickly things do take. However if I have had a busy period where I have not been able to "play" on a serious level I down tools and the housework can and does get left. But sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Its the only way I get to manage to do a lot of what I do with working full time as well. Glad you like its reassuring to hear. Thanks for popping by. Tricia (aka Pattypan) x

  3. Hi BB,

    That was the plan but unfortunately I ended up sorting out some family business that had gone awry. Hopefully things will be back on track now although I have missed my sewing slot as OH is now back in residence and fast asleep and I think the whir of the sewing machine might just not be welcome. I will get to it but at least I will get time to do some further preparation. Have to put a positive spin on things. Hope you are feeling a bit more with it and that the pleurisy is being kicked into touch. Please take care. Hugs. Pattypan xx


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