Monday, 11 December 2017

Another one bites the dust

Not as in thw so g from Queen but literally another thing off the check list.

That is the Stinking Bishop cheese is now ordered and paid for.  Something that we have every year.  It is expensive but a yearly treat. It will keep for six weeks from the date of delivery.  I always make sure it has its own sealable box.  So I have been and purchased a couple of new ones. I have also purchased a storage cover which can be used for sweets or savouries but this one is destined for storing all the little bits of intetesting cheeses in the fridge and to keep them all together so that I can find them.

I have also bought more Feta and Goats Cheese both to be done in oil.  Its always handy to have something like this to hand as with some bread and a little salad you can make a nice light meal or a starter.  If I get chance will makw some goat cheese of my own. I have mixed mushrooms to do in  a similar fashion.  Right catch u soon.  Pattypan x


  1. Hope things are okay with you Patty, you haven't posted for a bit. love fluffy xx

    1. Hi Fluffy been a tad busy as I finished work for Christmas tonight and things have been a bit hectic. Still have a lot to do so hope to put some posts up shortly. Hope you are okay and yours xx

  2. Are you doing the cheese in oil yourself? I saw stinking bishop online the other day and thought of you!! That isn’t meant to sound as bad as it does lol xx

    1. Hi Tracy

      Yes I do the Feta cheese in oil myself as it works out far cheaper than buying it. A pack of Feta is perhaps about £1.65 from my local shop and then the oil and I end up getting either a large jar or a few smaller ones. I do the same with Goats Cheeese crotins. Also do mixed fancy mushrooms in oil - this is something the OH likes and the mushrooms I use are the fancy ones from Waitrose with some button mushrooms and chestnut mushrooms chucked in. All good for antipasti. Plus I also roast leeks in a little oil and butter until they caramelise and keep them in a jar in a fridge for about a week. Not a long keeping relish (more a fridge short term relish) that is tasty in sandwiches etc.and one of my things. Keeps well in the fridge for about a week. The basis is on minimum amount of cooking for me over the Christmas period i.e. the family pick n mix and every so often I cook but most of the cooking is predominantly done prior to Christmas. Stinking Bishop is actually a very nice cheese. Yes it honks to high heaven but that is because it is washed in a perry cider apple called Stinking Bishop. I keep it in a separate tub in the fridge. Lasts about 6 weeks. Is expensive and very much a treat. It pongs the same as a caemembert does! Hope this helps. Triciax


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