Saturday, 23 December 2017

From my House to your House - Happy Christmas

Well its that time of year again - loads of people out and buying - I only stayed a little while in town today as I was in there for two cat beds - no pressies and some salad leaves and to start with I was with OH to choose my Christmas pressie. I already know obviously what it is and am well chuffed with but will tell you all later on.  I also bought a couple of DVDs and a couple of Christmas CDs as well.  As I mentioned the other day after hearing the impromptu choir singing carols really sort of bought out the Christmas spirit a little for me so that really did help.  I love listening to music of any genre apart from the fact that I am not highly chuffed with Jazz.  I like Classical to really relax to but OH is not into it..Classical music was a passion I shared with my Dad and the pair of us could listen to a piece and be totally blown with it and enjoy every nuance - possibly because we had the same appreciation for the piece.  Geoff though spoils it for me as he has no patience or interest in listening to the classics.  So these days I quite frequently listen on my own  that way the piece is not spoilt for me.

The Turkey was picked up today together with some other extras i.e. bacon and Lincolnshire chipolatas.  I have some puff pastry savouries to make so need the bacon to go with some of the cheese I already have in to make the same.  I have a busy day tomorrow evening as according to family tradition it is not only the Night before Christmas but it is baking day in our family.  All the girls follow the same routine passed on by those who came before us.  Of the ten children there are only five of the lads with us, my aunties and one uncle having already passed.

The cold is still sticking with me.  I have been grateful for the antibiotics as they have helped me a lot.  I take the last doses of the antibiotics tomorrow.

I am looking forward to having some real down time over the holiday and hopefully get to grips with my embroidery machine.

Well as I am going to be busy in the kitchen tomorrow I have a gammon to cook, all the preparations for the Turkey, mince pies, shortbread, school boys earholes, chocolate crunchie, and various other bits and bobs to make .  So I thought I would wish each and everyone of you well over Christmas and would just like to thank you all for supporting my little blog from the last year.

So from my home to your home.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Will be back t play in a few days.

Have a good one.

Catch you soon.




  1. Replies
    1. Hi Linda to you and to yours too. Hope its a good one. I assume you are still growing your home veg. Nothing better with a Christmas dinner. Enjoy Tricia xx

    2. I live in North eastern Utah.
      Our highs have been in the 40's.(Fahrenheit) Will be looking forward to spring and farewell to winter. (I can't complain about winter,it has been fairly mild so far)
      Happy Holidays!

    3. Apologies Linda my mistake. Still hope you have a lovely Christmas. This year it has been colder than usual here. Take care. Pattypanxx

  2. Happy Christmas pattypan, hope you enjoy your time off. We are going to,my mum's for Christmas dinner and I am really looking forward to it. Lots of love to all your family from fluffy, hubby and son xxx ps your tree looks lovely x

  3. Fluffy have a special time at your mum's the best types of Christmas and enjoy every moment which creates a future memory. Hope Santa brings you everything you ever dreamed of. Have a good one. Tricia xxx

  4. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy playing with your new machine.
    You've worked hard and earned a break xo

  5. Have a lovely Christmas, you have worked hard and earned a break. And have a great time playing with the new machine xo

  6. Thank you Hetty hope you have a lovely Christmas too.

    Tricia xx

  7. Merry Christmas hope you have a good one


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