Saturday, 27 January 2018


Cold day.  It was not too bad earlier on in the day - not good enough for gardening but passable all the same.  Now we have ice cold rain and it trickles down the bits you don't want it to.  I have been to the veggie shop - I ventured out and did several jobs before going in there.  Got the rest of my Sevilles hopefully that should do me but I may be able to get some more if I need to.  Also got some reduced peaches £1 a bowl and some reduced Raspberries £1 a punnet so we are going to have a peach and Raspberry jam for the pantry shelf as well.  Leeks, courgettes, Tomatoes, apples, cabbage, cauliflower, swede were also purchased to bulk up veggies I already have to hand.

For tea this evening we had fresh mussels done with garlic and butter.  Yum they sure did go down very well.  Also had some bread to go with.  I had tried to get some baguettes earlier on but by the time I got there they were all gone; so it was just ordinary sliced bread for OH and I had a seeded bread.  Mussels are a big favourite in this house and they are ever so simple to cook.  Just a little water in the bottom of a big pan.  I cooked two nets this evening and I either put four or five garlic cloves in with the mussels  or I crush about three in a garlic crusher and add to the pot together with  some butter and put the lid on and let them cook for about 10 minutes.  Only eat the ones that have fully opened.  Makes a lovely fresh treat.  I must say that I do like seafood.  We had crab earlier in the week and we are going to have the haddock on Monday night.

I also got some bargains at the shop; two trays of lamb chop cutlets with about 6 in each pack for £1 a pack.  They will either make a meal for tomorrow or one night during the week.  We might have a roast tomorrow I have a joint of beef only a small one but enough for us two and hopefully there will be some left for a couple of sarnies during the week.  I have also found two packs of the fillet chicken breasts reduced as well.  so they will come in useful for pack up during the week.  I also bought stewing steak and mince.  They seem to be regulars on the menu at the moment but its all good eating which in this cold weather is seriously needed especially with some mashed potatoes and swede and carrot crush.

I might make a bread and butter pudding tomorrow with part of a jar of marmalade I have left and thought I might also serve with some tinned mandarins and a touch of cream.  Will have to see what time I have but it could very well be on the cards as it has been a little while since we have had one.

Right things to do.

Catch you later.




  1. It’s 35 Celsius here and I can barely breathe I’m so hot. Looking forward to the cold.

  2. Hi F & D - very warm. Its managed to get up to 11 degrees here today and the sun is shining for once. For that I am grateful. Its not that I dislike the cold its just my body does not cope very well with it due to some medical conditions. I hope you get more comfy soon. Take care Pattypanxx


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