Sunday, 7 January 2018

Home Made Yogurt - Part Two From an Easy-yo ready made mix

The Easy-Yo flask which I referred to in my earlier post on yogurt is in effect a thermos flask but one that is not breakable, and extremely easy to clean.  Obviously Easy-yo sell the kit and the sachets  to make a profit.  However their flavoured yogurt sachets are lovely and make a very good yogurt, but as I make yogurt a couple of times a week I tend to make it plain so that I have the choice of what I do with it. I do add fresh or pureed fruit, or tinned fruit to the yogurt and I also dribble it over my cereal.  Just for two sachet's that would be in the region of £6 per week just for two batches. The sachets make 1 litre of yogurt at a time.  That is why I have continued to date to continue the plain yogurt just utilising the Easy-yo thermos without using the sachets, although I do buy these every so often.

The sachets are very easy to use you just make the sachets up as directed on the back of the packet which is basically adding water to the mix, stirring it around and making sure that the dried contents of the packet are well combined with the water, putting the lid on the inner flask and then filling the  outer Easy-yo container/thermos with hot water.  Then leaving overnight and then popping in the fridge to set once done in exactly the same manner as using a carton of sterilised milk.  These sachets are lovely but around £3 a sachet (slightly cheaper if you buy a box).  That is why I turned to making it myself from milk (you have a choice of what milk you use) and a kettle of hot water.

There are a couple of other ways of making yogurt - I will leave the choice of how you make it up to you.  However, these will  be contained in separate posts so that you do not have one extremely long post to read in one fair swoop.  Some of the methods vary a little depending on what you are using.

Next time I will cover milk made from pasteurised every day whole milk or skimmed milk.

Catch you soon.




  1. I'll be posting my yogurt adventures in a week or so :D

    1. Look forward to reading Kim. Take care.

      Tricia xx


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