Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ice Cream from Frozen Fruits

This is not an advert for Dunhelm just more own personal view.  No gifts in kind or coercements have been used this is just my subjective view.  It is also not my photo.

As I said yesterday I paid a trip to Dunhelm and I spotted something that might be useful in my kitchen and maybe give OH a sugar free pudding in the process and myself of course.  This little machine uses fresh fruit that has been frozen and then using the frozen fruit to go through like an extruding machine.It cost me £18 as it is on offer at the moment at Dunhelm.

For my first try I used a punnet of frozen mixed fruit - it turned out to be a little too tart but only ever such a fraction and so I will probably put a banana in next time or a little artificial sweetener just to take the tartness off.  The one punnet cost me £2 from the Co-Op and made enough sorbet for the two of us.  There are the occasional seeds but not as bad as when you eat the fruit fresh. However it is lovely and fresh tasting and you get the full blast of flavour and the colour is magnificent.  However I am pleased with it.  I think I might be more successful with banana with other half. In fact quite a few of the recipes in the little booklet with it mention banana.  I also thought that if I was freezing the fruit to use myself from scratch then I could add a little sweetener then so it is all frozen in the mix as they say and might even use yogurt and cream in the mix as well.  It is the frozen product that is used to produce the sorbet.  It has given me food for thought for playing with it in any event.  I also thought it might be a good way of getting  more fruit into our diet.  We eat a lot of veggies but not as much fruit - in summer different but not as much in the winter months.  So I am looking forward to playing with this little gadget over the next few weeks.  The sorbet produced is very different to a traditional sorbet but it is substantial and still makes a nice change

Catch you soon.




  1. That looks a useful thing for you. I'm sure half a banana will take away some of the tartness.

    We always have a well-filled fruit bowl. I am the apple queen, and Keith is bananas and oranges. We eat a lot of soft fruit too - some from the garden, but blueberries from Lidl (or when they are in season I buy a box full from the greengrocery at Abergwili and freeze them). Cherries have been on offer at Lidl last week, so we bought a couple of punnets of those - they are very good for you and we like them anyway.

  2. Hi BB, I like fruit but OH has had a phase where he was not eating it and so I did not bother however I am feeling the need (especially after this flue over Christmas to have a little more energy than I do have) and so I am looking at ways in which to achieve that not only for myself but HRH as well. After the ice cream of yesterday I am going to do smoothies today I have some peaches and Raspberries to blitz up with a little yogurt and some milk to try and get down him. I have bananas for tomorrow so he may get a milk shake then. See where I am going different guises in which to get the fruit into him. My fruit store is very good but yours sounds ideal for a preserver. I love blueberries and cherries. Hope you are looking after yourself. Take care.




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