Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lazy weekend

Well in all honesty I have not done very much this weekend apart from read.  I have eventually finished my book and I think OH has breathed a sigh of relief at me surfacing however it is not often I down tools and do nothing it is very much a rarity; In reality though I think it may have done me some good although its work again tomorrow.  Maybe I will be refreshed enough to tackle some long standing issues during the week.  Well I can but try.

I have finished the current story (Pillars of the Earth) and sam ad to say cheerio to the characters but a fantastic book and a very good plot.  I am looking forward to reading the second tome of the book shortly World Without End, although from what I understand this is not a continuation  but a sequel to the  Pillars of the Earth; set in the same town Kingsbridge but some 200 years later with some of these characters being descendants of those characters in the Pillars of the Earth but with plenty of new ones as well.  I would have loved if he had carried on from this one to fill the gap of the 200 years as his weaving of the characters has been extraordinary.

Reading was always my first love on the long list of hobbies that I do have but something I have got out of the habit of, of late.

Its been a horrible day here today wet and snow showers inbetween.  I think it is freezing out at the moment so I think it is likely to be a bit tricky on the roads in the morning.  I have not ventured out of the house all day but at least the house is warm which is the main thing.  Fortunately me putting up the bird feeders seems to be appreciated by the local wildlife, robins, sparrows, blackbirds have all been tucking in.

We have a piece of roast pork cooking and I am hoping we get some crackling so we shall be having some of that shortly.  Yum.  I have done all the usual veggies and there should be some left over for tomorrow nights tea which will save a little time when we get home which is always helpful.

In-between my reading and pottering about I have been noseying through my new preserving books and I think I will be making one or two of the recipes out of these two in due course.  Sometimes you look at a book and you think there is nothing in there for me but on closer inspection some of the recipes are fantastic and the more you read and look at them you start compiling a list of those things that you actually want to do in the coming weeks (well that's what I do anyway).  

These are the two new additions to my book shelves.

From what I have seen they are going to be very useful during the coming preserving seasons.  Both very different and the recipes are certainly NOT run of the mill.

Traditionally preserving took place when there were food gluts and it was a way of using up the glut and putting stuff up for the long lean winter months.  Seasonally and traditionally its best to do things this way but if you suddenly find yourself presented with stuff out of season and available quite cheaply then as far as I am concerned you do not look a gift horse in the mouth you take advantage of it. 

On the gardening front I am hoping to do a better job this year than I did last and unusually for me I have been looking at seeds, plants and what is available generally.  I already have some seeds safely stored in my folders and I'm the pro's of sorting out a planting scheme.  If I can get a clear day or two weatherwise I should be able to start with the garden and start to prepare it for the raised beds I intend to have in the style of a Potager.  I am now looking to source a decent propagator or a couple so that I can bring seeds on earlier.  I am also going to be lurking around the pound shops as well to see what if anything they have in that I can make use of.  If I can get enough fairer days I might get OH to sort the greenhouse out for me as well as in reality I am going to need this and it will mean a good few more trips to the tip but it will be worth it. A good few days in the garden with fair weather is just the start I need to get this sorted.  I want the garden to be as productive as I can.  But more on that later on.  I actually like being out in the fresh air when I can but if its too cold that's when the problems start.

Right better get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. I pick up bits and bobs in the pound shop for the garden, wilkos sale was also god for garden bits.

  2. Hi Dawn, I normally do too but I don't usually start this early and I normally hit the Wilkos sale when they are trying to get rid of the plants that are coming towards the end of their planting season as well. Good for things like plant labels and hanging basket liners and feed etc as well. I usually go and trawl Wilkinsons and the pound shop before I go anywhere else on the cleaning stuff as well and usually top up once a month. Hope Tessa and Frasier are coming along, Hugs. Tricia xx


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