Saturday, 27 January 2018


I did not sleep well last night despite going to bed early it was rather fitful and i have started dreaming again.  It was all crazy and mixed up last night - predominantly about a van crash into a lake and not being able to get out easily!  These ones trouble me as they are so intense.  I am hoping that it is one of the dreams that surrounds a dream of more portent. Fingers crossed.

Its an indoor day today.  I was hoping desperately to get out and have some fresh air but it will not happen today so an indoor day it is apart from my regular jaunt to the veggie shop.  I have another 5kg of Seville Oranges to pick up today as well and if there are any other bargains I may well take advantage,  Never mind all is not lost I have a long list of things to do but I am itching to get going on the garden.

I have also ordered some more new books; some have already arrived but there are a few more yet to come and am waiting for them to arrive.  It is dreadful if I read a post on books from any of you fellow bloggers as if I see something I have not got that piques my interest off I go on the cheapie book sites to see if I can locate them.  I have been using Abebooks a lot of late.  However they are all as good as one another.  However, I do get cross as several books are re-done and put out under different titles but which are essentially as same as books that I already have  you cannot always determine the book by its cover.  However the second hand book sites are wonderful for tracking down old sometimes out of print preserving books which are still very useful and have their place in our everyday lives.  One book I initially wanted was £80.  No way Jose.  I kept doing my research and eventually I managed to get it for £5.  But it is on Abebooks now for about £3.  

Well I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later on.




  1. I love Abe books, have found some corkers on there.

  2. Hi F & D. I love Abebooks and all the other second hand book companies too. It gets a bit out of hand at times and I have phases of when I am looking for things or if I see a fellow blogger pop up interesting books that I thus far had not come across. Its getting to the point though where I am running out of space! I just love books always have. Take care. Pattypan xx


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