Thursday, 4 January 2018

Scrabbling around the reduced section

The other day I nipped for some milk and ended up bringing back from the reduced section a bag of parsnips, 35p, two bags of Brussel sprouts at 33p per bag each, and four mixed veg bags also at 33p per bag each. All are now residing in the freezer in readiness for forthcoming midweek meals. I shall continue to do this on a regular basis as long as the veggies are not past their best as it will save some money and make sure that we have something there for meals.  I use a lot of fresh veg anyway and if the fresh veg I have needs saving that is usually prepared and popped into the freezer also.  I do not like waste.  Dealing with the reduced veggies or in-house store of veggies in this way means that if I am not around that OH can get himself something decent to eat with the minimum of fuss and eat healthily.  All he has to do is go into the freezer.

I also liberated two trays of cherries for 55p per tray.  They are going to be stewed with a little water and a touch of sugar and maybe a tot of home made cherry brandy and then used in pancakes with some ice cream.  A nice treat for a winter's day.

It is always worth a look.  At my local store we have a section of fresh veggie and fruit reduction and a separate reduced section for meat, dairy etc.  Often there will be a chicken in for a couple of pounds so I always end up liberating that as well as chicken is so useful in the weekly budget.  I can usually get two to three good meals out of this plus the stock and then scraps for the animals as well.  It is not necessary to be "sniffy" about buying stuff from the reduced section as we all need to feed our families cheaply.  One of the things if I find it I do put up to make butter is double cream.  It is easily made in my hand butter churner often well within the space of half an hour.  Sometimes I add fresh herbs to make herb butter but often it is frozen just plain for use with cooking steak or a roast or indeed baking.

Half the battle is knowing what to do with your find once you have located and bought it.  However the more practice you get with finding things the more things you add to your use and make list,

For example often the bags of carrot batons are in the reduced section and I will quite frequently buy these as well not only to freeze but also to use with dips. Serving also with spring onions and celery.  You can quite easily make a tasty dip from some plain yogurt, some cheese and onion and a little Fromage-Frais. I then serve together with a sweet chilli sauce on the side.  The sweet chilli sauce is nice just with plain yogurt.  You could also put onion Bhajis with these as well.

Celery gets used up in this house very quickly as OH is quite happy munching on it either plain or we do what is called celery boats grated cheese placed into the groove of the celery stick and eaten.  I also do form of Waldor salad with the celery, using apple and walnuts.  The traditional recipe uses Mayo to mix the ingredients together but I just use a little apple juice and lemon juice , add a few raisins or golden sultanas and then serve.  Will quite easily eat a little pot of this for my lunch. Plus it keeps a little longer but at this time of year is refreshing and tasty and just perks the palate up a little bit.

So its always worth looking to see if there are any finds there.  Sometimes there is a lot another nothing but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Catch you soon.




  1. I use celery for cooking, stocks etc, very versatile. I generally only go to Aldi but over the last few months ended up in Tesco a fair bit, however I never seem to see whoopsies! I'm back on just Aldi now in our drive to keep costs down. I don't like shopping to be honest, so I go as infrequently as possible. x

  2. We use a great deal of cheese in various recipes but I can not remember the last time that i paid more than 25% of the original cost. It is the first thing that I look for in the reduced section.The only thing that I am sniffy about are the ready meals that even on a yellow sticker are just stupidly expensive.

    1. Hi Pam

      I use a lot of cheese and believe it or not I had not really thought on this. Things like Parmesan in block form I would buy like a shot and always Gruyere as it has so much flavour especially with a soup. I agree on the reduced meals though as the meals are often one price if you buy two together and then when they want to get rid of them singly they put them up to the original higher price and then only add a small percentage discount. I always check as sometimes they are a con. We use a lot of strong cheddar as well as other various versions but for cooking it has to be extremely strong - I personally like the Cornish Cruncher from M & S and tend to buy it when there is an offer on or their Welsh Cheddar is very good as well. Co-Op have a cheddar which is not too bad but not really strong. xx


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