Thursday, 4 January 2018

Something a little different for Tea

Whilst at the Butchers before Christmas I bought what I thought was a Rib of Beef.  It certainly looked like it - in fact it looked better than a Rib of Beef.  It is in fact a Rib of Buffalo.  So we shall see how we get on with it.  I am cooking it nice and simple like I normally do a roast dinner, but with the Yorkshire puddings and all the usual trimmings.  There is meant to be less fat to contend with and the fat it does give off is meant to be a lot better for us.  So we will see how it turns out.  I must admit that I am a little apprehensive! 

It seems to have cooked to perfection.  I have cooked it in a square casserole dish without the lid with some garlic cloves, thyme and a little oil so that the joint does not stick.  The meat is now resting on the roasting dish and we have Roast potatoes, shallots and parsnip also done in the fat from the meat.  

The Yorkshire is now cooking in the square casserole dish and we have mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts mixed veg as well as the roasties, Yorkshire pudding and lashings of gravy.  

Well that was a pleasant surprise very tasty and I liked it.  Like Rib of Beef there is a bit of fat and my teeth are not too good but overall I enjoyed it and it made a really nice meal.  OH was impressed with it and I think we shall buy occasionally again.

I reverted to old style tactics to cook it.  As I have said I put garlic, thyme and white pepper into the pan with the Buffalo Rib and added a little oil and got it cooking and turned it half way through cooking to get both sides nicely do Half way through the cooking I dripped some of the fat into a baking tray for my roast potatoes, shallots and parsnip and then cooked them separately.

Once the meat was cooked I turned it onto a meat platter for letting the juices go back into the meat for about an hour and whilst the meat was resting .  I had drained off the meat juices and popped them into a jug for the fats to rise and then poured off the fat just leaving the meat stock behind which was to go into the gravy.  I then added a little of the fat back into the square casserole and then cooked the Yorkshire Pudding in it which came up for England and was hitting the ceiling of the small oven I used to cook tea.

So something new to us, but very tasty.  I think we shall be having this again for a change.

Catch you soon.




  1. 10/10 for cooking it so beautifully and for LOTS of veg on the plate!! Well done, and lovely photos.

    1. HI BB, it came out far better than I thought it would. It was very tasty and there is loads left for tea tonight together with Bubble n Squeak. If you have not tried it, it is well worth it for a change. Hope you are keeping well. Tricia xx

  2. I am from South Dakota, USA and we have several large ranches that produce buffalo for market. It is delicious and, you are correct, it is supposed to be healthier for us than beef. An interesting fact, many parts of the buffalo are also used for other products. I enjoy reading about all your cooking and projects. I look forward to continue reading. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathie and welcome. Thank you for your kind comments. I was taught to cook on the basis of like for like so if it was a Turkey cook it similar to a chicken, piece of pork slightly different as you need the crackling and the beef all wrapped up and slow cooked to get the best out of it. It was the first time that we had had this and it will not be the last. We go to a specialist Butcher who has specialist seasonal meats in as well as his base stock and game. I shall certainly get it again. Glad that you enjoy the blog it is very much the vocal part of my experiments. Some work and some fail but at least the Buffalo rib was tasty. Thank you for reading it is appreciated. Tricia xx

  3. That sounds and looks scrumptious and I am so pleased to read you make your gravy properly.

    1. It was very tasty and we shall be having it again. I was taught the old fashioned way of cooking i.e. making the gravy from the meat juices and veg juices and getting as much flavour from the meat into the meal as I can. The gravy is the crowning glory and always makes or breaks a meal. Take care and thank you for following. Tricia xx

  4. Lovely post, now I need to look for some buffalo meat. I have had it but ages ago, as I remember it was very tasty and as tender as any beef. I do like Moose but it is a prohibitive price, if you can find it, and if from an older beast quite strong. My absolute favourite is venison.

    1. Hi Pam, I have set you off have I? It was very nice despite my initial reservations and something that I shall buy again if I get the chance. I have never had Moose at all and have never seen it to buy either. However I do like Venison - the main butchers where I buy my meat is also a game dealer and keeps his own herds so we do have that every so often. Hope you find some Buffalo soon. Take care Tricia xx


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