Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday evening round up

After a busy afternoon cooking, and a scrumptious tea.  We had a piece of roast beef.  There was some left over and so I have popped this into gravy and we have a meal for coming out one night during a working week, which will mean that we will have potentially dinner within 40 minutes of getting home (time to get veggies prepared and cooked) so that is a boon as it makes the most of my time.

I have also stewed the plums.

Some mixed fruit has also been done the same way.  I bought a frozen tub and just added some of the plums.  I am going to use this for breakfast.  I still have some of the home made yogurt to use up and another batch planned.

Cooked the two chickens.  They are cooling down and when cold I will pick them and then sort into meal portions.  Some will be frozen but there will be plenty for all including the dog and the cats.

I have also done a tray of scones, a tray of Coconut Cheesecakes, some sausage rolls, some Mieulle Feuilles buttercream slices and the Pear and Almond Frangipane.  Not as much as I had planned but still a little something.  Will all get eaten one way or another.

I have cooked two trays of chicken thighs some to be eaten with salad (for me at least) and OH for him to take to work for his lunch with a curry sauce.  They have a microwave at work where they can warm things up.

I have boiled the last of the eggs from my previous tray of eggs (still in date) and they are in the fridge to make egg mayonnaise or to eat with some salt and bread and butter or to use in egg mayonnaise (something for me at lunch time when I am not going out for lunch).  Boiled eggs and good quality cooked and cold sausages are great for a nick pick breakfast especially if you have been travelling overnight and have a pit stop.

So quite a bit achieved.  I am pleased although hope to get a bit more organised so that I can do a little more in future. However a good start.  

Right am off to get ready for tomorrow.  Another busy week at work ahead I think.  It will keep me out of mischief though.

Lots to do here as well as usual.

Catch you soon.




  1. Gosh, you must have been up at the crack of dawn to achieve all that. Well done. It's always good to batch cook and have stuff in the freezer for when you come home from work, rather than starting from scratch.

  2. Not quite BB, but earlier than I usually am. It feels good to have a little something in the tins and also to have the meals sorted out more or less for the week. A little less pressure. Quite a quick tea tomorrow though haddock, home made chips and mushy peas with bread and butter. Have some more work to do so it will be gone 10:00pm before I will get to sit down. Then I shall get my nose in my book again. Catch you soon. Take care Tricia xx


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