Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Trying to get organised and trying to clear some clutter

I admit it I am a clutter-bug.  I don't think I could be minimalist if I tried.  I am hands on touchy-feely (within limits).  I just love to have my stuff around me.  However I do like to be able to find it which is not always possible so I am starting a long process of trying to sort things out.  I needed some magazine holders.  I have seen some nice ones in W H Smith but there is no way I am paying £8 a time.  

Today however someone was smiling on me (whether in desperation or not  - I don't care).  I found some magazine holders in the pound shop yep for £1 apiece.  They are plain, a lovely bright limey green and I managed to bring four of them home.  I had actually gone to the pound shop for some disinfectant.  I am chuffed with these as it means I can now start sorting some of my nicer magazines (i.e. my coffee table ones like Landscape and Land Love and especially my crafting ones.  They form part of my extensive book collection.  Which is another matter entirely.  So that process will start shortly probably under the "Things to do a day" category.  I am starting to assemble a long list on this front, but have to go through things sequentially.  We pay a lot out for crafting magazines of whatever description - there are things in them that I still want to make so they are useful.  I will sort out the ones that I do not need and then decide what to do with them; either take them to the Charity Shop or list them on Ebay when I am sorted out.  A long way to go before then though.  I may go back tomorrow and get some more at that price. (they look more yellowy here but I can assure you it is a green)

I also came back with some long single baskets which will be ideal for sorting bottles under the sink, or indeed for sorting and holding sauce bottles that are opened that I store in the pantry.  Slowly slowly.... I now have four of them. If I go back tomorrow if they have anymore  a couple of more could be coming home.  I wanted something that would support open bottles quite safely and I think these are ideal.

I have also sorted my stock cubes, and pastes out into individual boxes. I managed to get some little cheapie boxes a little while ago for these. I use Oxo ordinary in the different flavours, the Knorr stock cubes again in the different varieties and I have sorted them out by variety so all the veggie cubes are together and the pastes  and stock pots so I have the choice of what I use for gravy.  It is not the only things I use for gravy a fair old mixture goes in a lot of what I have produced myself.

So as I said earlier in the year I am going to try and do things instead of prevaricating and putting things off.  A lot of it is organisation - I know it is not going to happen in a day so if I keep chipping away at it and also start to sort out new routines and days for doing things it will be a long way towards my end goal.

I also picked up my disinfectant which is what I went in there for in any event.  With having the cats in the house I tend to be a bit OTT when it comes to cleaning stuff.  I can be untidy yes but there is no excuse for being dirty.  I also got my foil trays and plastic freezer tubs both square and round for putting stuff in the freezer.  I had run out.

So I am quite pleased that I have taken another step in the right direction.

I also nipped into Wilkinson's and managed to find a couple of more packets of seed towards the growing project I have in mind.  Some more seeds for the binder.  All the ones I had found are in the binder.  However I know that there are loads more somewhere.  I was also able to pick up the file sleeves today from Wilkinson's well four packets.  I am going to need some more.

Bit mundane today - but sometimes that's the way things go.

I am determined to do what I can.  I am going to need a propagator though and electric one for the shed so that I can bring on some of the seeds a bit earlier especially things like tomatoes, peppers etc.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. Excellent storage ideas, may I ask which pound shop you got them from? I am trying to bring some order to my craft things and in my kitchen. Kathy x


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