Thursday, 8 February 2018

Comfort Food

I am in dire need of this today.  This morning did not start well.  OH tootled off to work and he normally rings me if I go back to bed like I did this morning.  Oh dear I was awake for a little while honest but then to compound matters I had not switched the phone on so no alarm to wake me nor other half to get through just to check that I am up!  Subsequently I slept through until 8:15pm. when I woke in utter panic. Missy did not wake me.  No thank you very much she was warm and comfy so why bother me!

It has been a long day  and I have been really cold the past couple of days despite being wrapped up to the nines and having the heating on.  I have been badly stiff today  - I think as a result of  me feeling cold.

So to cheer myself up we are having steak and ale pie with carrot and swede crush, mashed potato, runner beans, kale and gravy.  Normally when I get like this the comfort food works like magic.  It is called comfort food for a reason and I am in sore need of it.

It will be TGIF tomorrow  - its been a very hectic week with me being out and about for a couple of nights which takes its toll on a week night.  However then I love going out and about.  So can't have it both ways.

Right had better get a wriggle on.  Lots to do as usual.

Catch you shortly.



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