Tuesday, 6 February 2018


We have had several light fluttering snow showers today although it has not settled.  It is perishingly cold outside though bone chillingly cold.  I am so glad that I went out to lunch today with a good friend from work.  We ended up going to a French concern.  She had a ham salad with lovely crusty baguette and I opted for the French onion soup.  I am so glad I did as it was very warming.  Just what I needed as I had been cold in the office where I worked this morning, despite having two thick jumpers on.  Tonight I was just too tired (bone tired) to cook and so we ordered a curry which was very warming and nice.

I am out again tomorrow evening. Bit all over the place this week and so much to do.  Ah well I only have one pair of hands.

Maybe if we are lucky the snowfall will only be light - we do not normally get it here very much as we are low lying but if everywhere else gets it surrounding the City we usually end up with some snow somewhere down the line.  I have the heating on but I think I am going to make up a hot water bottle for my tootsies and then go and get cuddled under the bed clothes.  No reading tonight.

Hopefully will catch up after I come home tomorrow night.

Take care, keep warm and keep safe.

Until tomorrow.




  1. I've always had an electric blanket though foolishly I put it up on too high a setting and am sat here waiting for the bed to cool sufficiently! We put a duck down duvet on last night and on the lowest setting, it hadn't warmed up much at all. I shall have to just bung it on high for the last 5 minutes before I climb in in future!

    I hope it's warmer in your office tomorrow.

    1. Hi BB

      OH will not have an electric blanket. He has high blood pressure and does not feel the cold and likes to get into a nice cold bed. Hence me having a hottie bottie on my side only. When we were little mum and dad always had the electric blankets for all of us bit did not leave them in the bed. They were put in fresh daily after the bed had aired and been made. Office was a bit warmer than it has been but it is notoriously cold on a Monday morning so extra layers go on then and some of us even take in hot water bottles to work and most of us coldies have a throw or to to put round our legs. We have an Office Managess who does not feel the cold and is not really bothered if we do as she is after scoring brownie points with Senior Management for keeping the bills down. We do kick off though if it gets too cold. Hope you are keeping snug in all this cold weather. Take care. Tricia xxx


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