Monday, 5 March 2018

A better day

With sunshine, the snow has gone and it has been a lot milder phew.  Thank goodness for that I have never been as cold as I was last week. With the sun out as well it made things feel better and also the light is gradually returning in the morning and in the evening.  Will not be long before we change the clocks. I am also moving a lot better than I was last week not as stiff so I was able to get around a bit better.  Trouble is I am sat and even though I get up regularly I am getting stiff as a result of sitting down.

Our routine has changed at home as OH is going in far later of a morning than he used to - it kind of mucked the routine up this morning but we will soon get used to it  - well eventually.

I met my friend at lunch and I had a most delightful Lasagne with mixed leaves and it was very tasty.  She had some salad with chickpeas, rice and halloumi.  It looked interesting and I may try it another week.  Did not fancy the soup today.  We normally nip into Waitrose and grab some lunch and then take advantage of picking up bits that we need.  I ended up buying two Caememberts as I like them baked and served with a selection of celery and carrot sticks, there is usually cranberry, redcurrant or onion marmalade to go with the hot gloopy cheese and I serve it with garlic bread.  Today I had also picked up some Medjool dates and a punnet of seedless chilled green grapes and that is what I have had for my tea tonight.  A right mixture but very tasty.  The grapes and the dates work really well with the Caemembert. OH did not fancy it so he had some Welsh Rarebit as he did not fancy much but I really have enjoyed mine it has been a long time since I have had this.  Looks like  I may have another one to have during the week.  Lucky me!

Its been a very busy day at work, that busy that the day went pretty quickly but I would rather it were that way than being bored out of my skull

I should have been out this evening  at a friend's but unfortunately she is unwell so that has been put off to a later date.

I am still continuing with the sorting out of my craft work.  I have done a little more of that this evening but other than that I am not sure where the evening has gone either.

Right I had better get a wriggle on as I have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch up with you soon.




  1. Morning lovely, glad to read your snow is going and your starting to move in the right direction but sorry about the stiffness from sitting all day. I sit at work too and it’s not healthy is it. Your tea sounds just the ticket, especially in this weather!!! Yum!! Im just about to go and do the horses before showering. Catch up soon x

    1. Hi sweetheart lovely to hear from you. The stiffness varies as to the degree of how cold it is. It is one of the medical conditions I have flaring up but will mention it when go for check up. I make sure I get up on the hour every hour for a walk about and also to get away from the screen otherwise I end up with tunnel vision! Hope all your new plans are slowly coming together. I cannot wait for the lighter nights so that I can get on with things a bit more. When its lighter it makes you want to get on with things. Catch you soon. Tricia xx


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